I connected my Google Home Mini to Roblox

I was laying down thinking of cool stuff to do, and I got the idea of connecting my Google Home Mini to Roblox. If I did, the possibilities would be endless. While going to bed yesterday I think and it seemed pretty simple and so it was. I woke up and got to work. This took me under an hour.

Here is how I did it:

1. I downloaded the IFTTT (if this then that) app on my phone and connected my google account for it to work with my Google Home Mini.
2. I made an API that I could use to set data and one to retrieve data from Roblox.
3. I made a script in Roblox that would check if it should run a script
4. I made two applets in IFTT. One to turn it on and one to turn it off. I set the trigger to Google Assistant and selected “Say a simple phrase”. Then I choose what I wanted to say and what my Google Home Mini should respond. The action was set to webhook web request. I then made it send a request to my API.

Final result:

My Google Home Mini is set to Norwegian language but IFTTT does not support that and therefore it’s English. And that’s also why it has a Norwegian accent.

Note that this can be done with Alexa too. If you want an more in-depth tutorial be sure to let me know


I don’t know whether to be in awe or terror by this. Either or, I like what you created here and am excited to see what other crazy things you’ll be able to make it do


This has given me a tremendous amount of ideas for tasks I would otherwise have to do manually if I was on mobile or away from home, which are mostly a hassle. Thanks!


Would it be possible to make the Google home device say “OOF” whenever your character’s health reaches 0?


That’s really cool man, perhaps you could do an in-depth tutorial on this, this has some pretty neat use cases!


Indepth tutorial please! This is uber cool. Would love to see if I can hook it up to the Alexa in our room.


If I am understanding the OP, this is pretty much how it works.

It is pretty cool but it doesn’t seem practical to me. The things I could think of it being useful for probably should be an admin panel instead of a voice command (ex: “Alexa, restart the servers”).

Edit: Tutorial by LordMerc


wow look’s amazing now only if i could tell a bot to script my games for me

Wow! That is amazing! I will play around with IFTTT now since I am free :P. I used to use IFTTT to notify me if my phone’s battery dropped under 15% and when my phone is plugged into a charging port and unplugged so in this way I wouldn’t have to leave my chair and go to my living room and check manually (now no longer have to since I finally installed some plugs in my room) (did this through discord webhooks).

Imagine hooking this up with messaging services to send announcements. The possibilities… Great Job!

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Oh my… this is amazing! Can you make the Alexa tutorial? That would be so useful! When I saw the video, I was in amazement! This is so cool!

There is a tutorial literally 6 posts above. Please check the rest of the thread.


i dont think cause we cant make them say something if we dont ask him

No, you can’t make your Google Home or Alexa say anything, I believe it can only speak on voice command.

Yeah, that is a voice command. Like I said :slight_smile:.

This is cool! You inspired me to make something like this with my own google home :slight_smile:

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Wow that is impressive! Using google home and ifttt to control something in roblox! That’s such a feat! Incredible!
I think you must be really good to control Roblox with google home or alexa!