I had an alt account, that had liked alot of my posts, but I had done this before a new devforum rule was created

There is a new rule, that stops people from creating alt accounts to stop “Artificial Forum Activity”

But I had created an alt account and have violated / broke this rule before it was created. What will happen to my normal account, and my alt? And will I get banned from the devforum for doing this before this rule was created? And what should I do to reverse / undo this?

Well, I mean if it was before the rule you should be fine…

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I would presume like normal systems involving rules and justice if the rule / law was created after the end of the offence then you are innocent.

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I think your alt will be banned/removed from the forums or roblox in general, if you still continue, your main might get banned. By the way, if you did this after this rule being created, you are safe. Also, i don’t think you might get discovered by using alts, if you try to make us think that it’s not your alt. But i recommend you to stop that if you are still doing that.

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Firstly, you shouldn’t do that on any platform no matter the rules. It’s a

Secondly, you should immediately stop.

You should note that likes aren’t removable after a set period of time.

From my interpretation of the rules, you’re protected from any violations prior to the rule’s impementation. However, only the @DevEngagementTeam can say for sure.


This wasn’t an explicitly clarified rule beforehand so you should be fine, but it should’ve gone without saying that inflating your own stats with an alt was never an okay thing to do. Since we’ve discovered a few prominent cases of it happening, a rule was established.

Your main account will be fine but your alt will be permanently suspended if it is artificially inflating your own statistics. Examples of this could be having your alt like all your posts or creating threads from it and then answering them to be marked as the solution and so on.

Do not take this as a ban on alts at all but be cautious with what you’re doing with an alt and why you have one on the DevForum.


This has been talked about before the rule was made, even back then it wasn’t allowed. Look here:

Or find the post here:

Is manipulating your statistics a violation of guidelines? - #3 by colbert2677


Oh no… Then why was it not clarified on this topic:

What do you mean why was it not clarified?


I mean… Why was there not a post in there regarding “Alts liking main accounts posts”.

  • 8.3 Do not create artificial forum activity, such as using alternate accounts to like your own posts.

It says it right there…?

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The forum rules topic does not contain an exhaustive list of rules, and you are expected to use common sense beyond that for cases that are not specifically described, but should be regarded as obvious.

@buildthomas’ point here is that the rules are guidelines that aren’t fixed, and common sense should be exercised (meaning that using an alt to manipulate your stats is ‘obviously moderateable


His point is he committed the offence before it was a rule, and sure its common sense to commit such an act on a forum I feel he has not factually done anything wrong.

I think its fair to assume a warning / termination of the alt from the forums but anything along the lines of a major punishment such as a strike I doubt would occur given the circumstance.


As mentioned by buildthomas in the post, our rules are not intended to be exhaustive and we expect that members are on their best behaviour while using the forums. Some things are implicit and should not be done without being explicitly told, such as artificially inflating stats.

Rules are typically only created when there are several counts of a certain action going around that aren’t acceptable, or if we need to guard majorly against bad behaviour and forum abuse at the start. The rules are concrete; everything else, we’re just trusting you don’t use the forums abnormally.


So I must assume that my alt will get suspended / terminated? And will my main get some kind of warning as well?

That’s highly circumstantial. If you have been using your alternate in any way to boost your main account, it will be permanently suspended and the boosts will be removed from your profile. If you just have an alt on the forum but it hasn’t been boosting your main account in any way, you are allowed to keep both accounts.

If your alternate account is suspended for inflating your stats, yes you will be given feedback via your main account. If you’re caught violating the rule again, higher level action will be taken to prevent the issue from occurring again. Can start anywhere from a few days suspension.


Some things are so glaringly obvious that they should not even have to be written down in the rules. This is one of those things. Please apply common sense in addition to the written rules when using the forum.

Artificially raising stats through alternate accounts has always been abnormal forum behavior and just because the rule was written down earlier today does not mean it was allowed before this point. Use common sense.