I need Feedback on my lobby

I wanted some feedback on this lobby that I made for a minigames


Looks great! Maybe make the water part bigger so it doesn’t just cut off. You could also add different types of flowers, but other than that it looks really good. :slight_smile:


It looks pretty cool from the photos seen, However the water seems a bit out of place it just looks like a flat part, If you haven’t already try terrain water and see how that works out for you. Otherwise the low poly style looks pretty good.


everything looks great but i think you could add some coblestone path and some benches maybe.


I’d put something in to entertain the people in the lobby, doesn’t have to be anything big, everything else looks very nice.

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I like the style you used! I would recommend filling it up with some flowers.


Thanks for the feedback I will maybe try some of your ideas


I love the design of the map is incredible I would like that in the part where the last bridge is a house with a water mill there would look great.


Wow, it is a really nicely built lobby. I would say you could add announcement boards, top player boards, donation boards, and maybe a shop that is in a house or in the waterfall.

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I did just make a similar post regarding water but here you go: https://www.roblox.com/library/1864464775/Animated-Water-Block

Hope this can be of any help :slight_smile:

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I love It,
Maybe you can added some rocks by the waterfall and some more flowers

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Looks decent so far, I would suggest adding fencing around parts where large falls are, it’ll look more together, you could throw in some picnic tables at a couple spots, that path from the stone tower looks a lil slim at one point so that could use to be made wider as well as instead of it being right on the water show it as a bridge by having it stilted up by a support structure and have hand rails.

Tree’s could use some variation in sizing, color, and type.

Ah and I suggest the base of the island have some sand formation so it doesn’t look like its weirdly just chillin in the middle of the ocean.

I really like it! My only suggestion is to maybe add a little more detail, like some dirt paths maybe. Great Work!

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really good.

i would recommend however that you might want it to be more imersive.
like interactibles, and, as others have said, more decorative varation.
maybe hidden things like easter eggs.

Looks nice, as others have said, maybe increase the water size so you can’t see the edge. I love the inclusion of parkour/obbies around the map, really makes it a lot more interesting while waiting for the next game. Not sure if you have this already, but I’d add some secrets around for players to find while waiting, such as a secret room.

Probably add more vegetation to the other parts of the map, the big rock tower thing behind the main map looks bland so maybe put more decoration there, put more detail on the other parts of the map as well. It looks like the spawn point has the most detail. But overall good build.

looks really cool :slightly_smiling_face:

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I made a bench model and you can use it if you want i think it would go nicely

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This looks great! I love the waterfall but as others have said I do think you should consider using a different water type. In my opinion terrain water would be a perfect solution! :slightly_smiling_face:

Good idea - I wanted to suggest the same thing, it would’ve made it look better in regards of details, and make the background not look so bland.