I want to expand my developing knowlage with scripts!

Hello there!
I am Anix and I see that a lot of people are looking for scripters for their games, so I was thinking. Should I learn to script?
Well answer is yes. Yesterday I opened studio and made my own simple tween gui script that works!

But I want to take my mind of tweening and achive knowlage to make one sucessfull game.
I really want to learn a lot about scripting in this year. I even have whole summer to get really deep in scripting.

Thats why I need your help! I need a lot of tips and tricks, tutorials and explanations to expand my developing knowlage and one day, make cool sucessfull game!

Thanks for reading! I hope you will leave some tips and tutorials down in replys! :smiley:

P.S. ( I am now quite sure if this is right topic so if it isn’t I will close this and make another post in other category)

I’ll send to you what I dmed someone a while back:

I personally learned from dissecting models that were already made; that’s a lot harder now due to the amount of viruses; as well as using the DevHub and asking my friends, and the Hidden Developers Discord

The CK Studio+ plugin is a great way, this teaches all aspects of development however and you must “unlock” more things to continue.

You can look at my WIP Script Templates plugin too, its only got some very basic stuff as of now.

A few other great sources are:

(Probably don’t use YouTube if you’re completely new, they don’t always explain stuff very well to people who’ve got no understanding, or they’re outdated)

TheDevKing (YouTuber)
PeasFactory (Old YouTuber, slightly outdated so only use for the basics)
The ROBLOX Api Documentation (aka DevHub)

You could also browse other existing threads, like:
Whats the best way to learn lua? (Thread)


Thanks for links to youtube videos and to thread about lua. It will help me a lot!!

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Consider watching PeasFactory videos, and reading a lot in Community-Tutorials, that’s how i became more advanced


An epic GFX artist and scripter? Almost seems like the perfect developer!

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Well I can’t agree that I am epic GFX artists or scripter. I would be rather a builder with good ideas, But I will try to improve and learn GFX and scripting by end of 2020( at least most wanted things on forum)