I want to make a Halloween themed song, how should I make it?

I’m looking to make a Halloween themed song for Halloween ofc, and I’m stuck on how to start it and how to just basically make it. I’ve been listening to Bubble Gum Simulator’s Halloween theme and I noticed it was in the key of A minor (obviously, with Halloween you don’t want any major/happy-sounding stuff) so I’m gonna do that, as it is probably the most known minor when making songs imo.

I’m wondering, how do I make it? I’m taking inspiration from BGS but I don’t want to copy it. How do I make this? Can I have any advice? Maybe a tutorial that would seem good?

Oops, I was wrong, it’s in the key of D minor, not A minor :laughing:


If you need help on how to make audio, I would try out Melodics.

If you already know how to make audio, then try out different chords, including major chords to give it a power feeling.

Power chords (Like RoBeats theme) provides a power feeling too.

If you want to sound almost like BGS’s Halloween theme, I would try using the xylophone, or the trombone.

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If you have no idea how you want to make it, try hiring a composer on the DevForum.

They’ll probably provide you a Halloween theme.

I don’t really want to sound exactly like BGS, but it’s just inspiration for the rhythm.

I already have a composer hired but I wanted to try this out on my own.

Then try making a song that uses the xylophone, and using minor keys in most of the rhythm.

Because I’m a guitarist, I would try this.

Test your D-minor + E-minor.

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Most mixes (Like BGS’s theme) revolve around more than one instrument. You don’t have to learn the trombone or the xylophone, and instead learn how to play the keyboard.

Find some plug-ins for the trombone and xylophone, and create a chorus and a couple of verses that revolves around mostly Minor chords.

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I don’t really need to learn anything, as I’m making this on a music software. I already know how to play the piano, so that’s a bonus :slight_smile:

After listening to their theme, I would include this.

Trombone (or probably the trumpet)

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I guess I’m using D-minor, and I literally just used a virtual piano to play some notes and I got my base (bass? i forgot) going

It’s bass.

create a short melody, then add the chords behind the melody.

The bass would most likely be the piano, or the trombone/trumpet

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If you have a guitar, here is a short song you can learn.

E-minor: Down, down and Up (quickly shift to next chord)
A-minor: Down, down and Up (quickly shift to next chord)
D-major: Down, down and Up (quickly shift to next chord)
G-major: Down, down and Up (quickly shift to next chord)

These are the chords to:
Island in The Sun by Weezer

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This is what I have so far, the trumpet seems a bit loud so you might not hear the melody.

The melody doesn’t really seem to match with the bass.

Sounds a bit retro.

The trumpet seems out of place.

If you are going with a retro feeling, I would keep editing that.

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Should I replace it with piano? I’ll try that out and see how it is. I might edit the bass a bit, I feel the timing is a bit off.

Realized that 3/4 was just what I needed. It sounds better! Take a listen:

Well I mean that last part could have some tweaking in the bass, but overall I think it’s great!

I’m gonna have to match it with my game’s style however. Do you think it fits right now? I might need to make it quieter, also… Done.

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Personally, I think it’s really good! I’m not an expert on sounds so I can’t tell any way for you to improve, but as you sayed, if you match it just a bit better with your game’s style, I think it will be perfect.

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Thanks for the feedback! Now I just need to add maybe a bit of percussion and stuff. I feel like it’ll be fine with my game because all I need it to sound like is Halloween!

Still need to add another part for when it gets louder.

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