I would like some feedback on this part of my build!

This is the second part of this build,the first one is here:I would like some feedback on this part of my build. ( :

Here’s the build I want feedback on here :wink:


Final Room:


Hoping for some Feedback to improve it! Thx in advaaaaance :innocent:

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Wow, that looks really great ! I love the detail on it. Although the entrance looks a tad dark but, other than that all good! :+1:

its a bit bright on the second last pic, maybe you could take away a bit of the neon?

I feel like if u re in there u ill think it’s bright xD

Cuz u enter from this other part (Imma make a better ‘‘2’’ later lol it’s w.i.p)

Better? (:

yes that’s better.
could you send me a link to the game if you publish it?
if its a game at all.

I am preparing to make a game,this will be a part of that (; Just like many other builds I published on here.

Looking Good! :slightly_smiling_face: