I'd really love to be able to rotate a skybox

This is something I’ve wanted for years now.

You could have a double sided sky, top half being day and bottom half being night. You could rotate the sky for a custom night sky. You could also have a sky filled with clouds and have it slowly rotate, the clouds would appear to move. I’m sure I could come up with more uses with time but I’d love this feature. It’d be amazing and it would immerse players into the game even more.


Thinking outside the box I see



I have a plugin for it that lets you drag the sun. I forget where I got it though, look around and I’m sure you’ll be able to find it.

Found it. This makes me think I’m too lazy.

It is possible, by changing the GeographicLatitude, to change the horizontal position of the sky, while TimeOfDay can be used to change the vertical position. Anaminus has created a plugin (which was mentioned before in this thread) that can be used to move the sun exactly where is desired.

I don’t think you guys understand. I don’t want to move those objects. I want the box itself to be able to spin.

Like the skybox would literally rotate rather than it be a box that stays in one place. I don’t care about moving the sun and I understand its already possible.


You can get an effect similar to rotating the skybox by rotating all the physical objects in the workspace and rotating the camera using SetRoll to rotate horizontally or CoordinateFrame and Focus to rotate vertically.

Of course that’s a terrible way to do it and I’m not at all recommending you do that or not at all suggesting that as an alternative to getting this feature.

Support ! Skyboxes really need to get updated. I think that first, we should be allowed to upload our own skyboxes (Yes, in a sense you already can by uploading decals… But their low-definition and the white square that appears around theme make them totally not suited for skyboxes :unsure: )

HDR Skydomes anyone?

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Pretty much

old thread is old. I still want a rotation vector for skyboxes.


On my thread when we had kuenna forum an admin edited it and put a conf tag saying they was putting it forward for consideration of something like that.

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There are so many features that could be added to skyboxes, this is one I’d like.

Sorta related: I built a map and north is the wrong direction, I’d rotate it but I’d lose terrain details T_T I could change the sun’s path by editing geographic latitude, but I don’t think it can do that.
Maybe it could be possible to rotate Lighting, which would rotate the skybox and future skybox features.


Yes yes yes yes yes :+1:


Still waiting on this feature! I hope someone sees this ;-;