ImageRectOffset and ImageRectSize for ParticleEmitter.Texture

I would like ImageRectOffset/Size properties for ParticleEmitter, so that I can have all my (small) particle effects on a single sprite sheet and not having to upload each particle separately.

For example:

I want to make 8 ParticleEmitters that each take as texture one of these signs. Right now, that means I have to split this up in 8 separate images and upload those to Roblox, instead of just having one sprite sheet. Moreover, this would also allow you to stick particle effects on sprite sheets that are already loaded into your game that do not necessarily include only particle effects.

Can also imagine that what I’m suggesting could be more performance-optimal, since you don’t have 8 separate textures in the buffer anymore but just one that is used by multiple emitters for different particles.

Alternatively, it could be nice if we can specify a list of ImageRectOffset/Size and have the emitter cycle through these / pick randomly every time a new particle is spawned, but this is just a “nice to have” since this can be simulated with multiple ParticleEmitter objects.


can we resize particles on the x and y axis too while we’re at it


I agree

This is now solved by the current beta feature:

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