Images on UI have higher quality in studio than in-game



Live Game:

imgtest.rbxl (14.4 KB)

Happens on any game I test with these assets. Doesn’t relate to screen size.
macOS High Sierra, Intel Iris Plus Graphics 640 1536 MB


Are both Images viewed on the same quality level?

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The studio quality level is 10, and the client’s graphic’s quality is 10 both live & studio. It seems quality level is different from graphics quality. How do you check quality level live?

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I also have been noticing this in live servers, but for mobile. I fixed the black outlines around images due to transparency issues and they work fine and PC and Xbox but as soon as I load up my game on mobile, the black lines around images appear again.

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Was this uploaded via. the studio widget or from the website? Could also be a scaling issue.

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The images were uploaded from the website.


Studio uses 21 quality levels instead of 10.
So client’s quality level 10 shows quality level 21 in studio. If your studio uses level 10, it means it really uses quality level 4 or 5 (as seen from client’s perspective).

You’re checking this in Studio settings, right?
(Settings>Rendering>EditQualityLevel; QualityLevel is for the Client, EditQualityLevel is for Studio)


Having the same issue here:


test server from studio

Clear difference in crispness, same blurriness in-game regardless of graphic quality.