Immersive Ads are rolling out!

I would just use them as background props or something if you have a city or town in your game, they’re not completely useless but it is still disappointing how worthless they kinda are tbh.

And just avoid using anything that involves portals, since that doesn’t exactly help with engagement either.

Well, I got disappointed when I noticed that I’m not able to use the Immersive Ads. I’ve sent the Questionnaire. What I’m gonna ask is if every game will have access in 2023 for Immersive Ads.

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Would it be a possibility in the future for these ads to serve things such as groups or user-uploaded content as well?
Perhaps instead of a portal, there could be a button that could prompt a popup for the player where further action can be taken.

What if you get false banned from a person spam joining and teleporting through your game?

Probably won’t be considered since the ads have a cooldown.

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Hi Everyone,

Thank you so much for sharing feedback about Immersive Ads payouts! Since we are still in the early stages of rolling out, prices might fluctuate as we work on finding the right balance between available ad units and advertising budgets.

For this first stage, our main focus was making Immersive Ads available to developers, but we are working on increasing ad budgets which should lead to higher payouts for developers.


Any plans on ever making revenue share data public?


Would sponsoring avatar items (UGC) with billboard ads ever be a thing? I think it would be a great way to promote sales for UGC Creators on the platform. (Click to purchase item on AdGui)


My top game currently fluctuates between 350K and 400K Monthly Active Users, however it does not seem to be eligible for these adverts yet?

Could I get a rough estimate on when my game will be eligible for these Immersive Adverts?


dang, we cant have actual video ad’s? that a shame. that was the one chance we had of something being close to video frame. speaking of that, what happened to video frame?

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Is it normal that my Earnings Per Mille have dropped to 0 in the last 3 days?

Also my impresssions have drastically dropped by over 90%.

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We did have video ads. They were present during the 2012 (2013?) era and are now gone, just like everything else good about the platform.


forgotten like many other updates it seems…


How do you know if you’re able to earn something off these ads, I mean, what exactly are the requirements precisely?

Are there any ways that we can apply for activating the ads? Whenever Roblox “rolls out” a new feature I and many others tend to not get anything.


Good Question that’s what I am wondering myself.

This system seems very cool and incredibly intuitive to use, but, can you please provide some hard specifics on what exactly these criteria are?

I have a game with a lot of verticality - I think it’d be cool to have an airplane flying with an ad as a banner trailing behind it. I’ve already got a plane doing similar, with a message encouraging players to like the game that is 100% visible, so I’m sure any ads I place on these would get viewed & be perfectly legible, likely within the size limit comfortably.

…What I don’t know, however, is exactly if these ads would show or not. Being in the air, they’d be skirting the upper end of the size spectrum, and likely viewed at a moderate distance. I’d assume a lot of players are using these as billboards, like classic real-world billboards, so I am assuming roblox has some allowance for distances, but without knowing them it could be tedious trial-and-erroring exactly how close, and exactly what angle, my aeroplane might need to be.

Ideally this information would be on the API. I do not see this as in Roblox’s best interest to keep a secret, as an ad that isn’t within this criteria is not a profitable ad - for both the developer, and roblox.

edit: There’s also a telescope tool that would definitely give players a real nice look at an ad should they use it, but it relies on FoV manipulation to get a zoom in effect. FoV seems like the type of thing that should be considered when Roblox is determining if someone is viewing an ad, if it isn’t already.


This strategy will be distinctive because ads will have more engagement and make games look more lifelike, although if it is in, for example, a racing experience, it will be hard to view that kind of ad. And I hold a concept that is to give creators earnings for the number of ads displayed in the game.


Hey Everyone,

We have a few updates to share:

1. Ad Units now have an Attribute for a custom Fallback Image

This allows you to set a custom fallback instead of the tilted Roblox logo when there are no ads being served. If you have an Image or Portal Package, simply update the package and the “FallbackImage” attribute will show up.

2. Ad Unit names are now reflected in Publisher Reporting in the Creator Dashboard

The instance or package name for ad units in Studio is used in the Immersive Ads reporting on the Creator Dashboard. You can view a detailed breakdown of impressions, teleports, and estimated earnings per ad unit to better understand the performance of each.


Nice update! I do have a question though, when will we all have access to immersive ads? I have been waiting ever since they have been announced.