Implement an 'Incognito Mode' for playing as a creator

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to test live servers while being undercover. When the creator joins their experience, a hammer icon is displayed by their name on the player’s list. When another person sees this, they often divert their attention from the experience and focus on trying to locate the creator or change their current gameplay behaviors.

If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would improve my development experience because it is too much of a hassle to log out of your current account and into the alternate account when you want to see how player’s play your experience in live servers.


Ay pretty good idea. Sometimes I just want to check the server output and then there it is people are actually boring themselves to stay next to me lol.


This feature seems unnecessary. Why don’t you implement this yourself? here are my points

Surely this would have many security problems and exploits attached? Again, this could be implemented by yourself using commands or CMDR

This would have technical limitations, and could be used in exploits to stall usernames / other malicious purposes.

This would be a problem. The way developers handle datastores differ and this would not work out so well.

TL;DR: Do it yourself. If you need to hide yourself on the player list, disable the player list and re-use the core scripts. I have attached the code responsible for the player list below
PlayerListCode.rbxm (86.8 KB)
(It will need to be modified)


Instead of making it weirdly specifically available to top developers, this should just be a platform feature (being able to completely hide who you are in-game so nobody can follow or see who you are in-game), this would also help different kinds of user personas such as influencers.

The other parts of this feature request related to data/monetization management can be trivially implemented by the developer, or they can just make sure any purchases the developer makes that only affect their own experience are free.


I see a lot of issues with the current implementation previous posts have already pointed out.
Plus some that haven’t been pointed out yet (like a lot of user IDs being taken and games that get avatar info from user IDs).

Instead of making a whole new account and wasting usernames, it’d be more useful if you could just play on your own main account but it hides your username and only shows a manually picked display name and uses a random avatar instead.

On your profile it will be made to look like you’re just offline or browsing the web.


My moderators just want to be able to hide their name, userID doesn’t matter. Other players see they’ve joined and just go nuts, even after I’ve hidden the player list and allow them to hide their name tags, people just look in the esc menu, which ruins what they’re trying to do most of the time (secretly watching for trouble).


The solution to this is alt accounts :grin:

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It’s kind of annoying to have to switch to an alt account just to be able to use the platform you develop on, isn’t it?


It’s not that hard really. Just create a second chrome profile.

Not everyone uses Chrome. It would be far more convenient to have a feature built-in that allows you to do something like this instead.


Moderators don’t have time to be switching between their personal and their alt, nor should they have a permanent alternate chrome profile always open to accomplish this, this is far too invasive for a side job. It’s bad enough I need to ask them to have guilded for webhook purposes. Roblox does not offer any features for rapid account switching, and perhaps for good reason.


That would be a good idea, but I think it should be called something other than “Incognito”.


Roblox once tried a little something similar called PLAY AS GUEST. I think it’s amazing that you accidentally suggested to add guests back, but I doubt they’d go back on their decision to remove them, lol. (maybe do something similar but you can only be a “guest” that’s attached to your account in some way?)
Anyways, another workaround for joining your own game without the tag is to tell all clients to straight up disable the playerlist in the core gui. They will probably think it’s some weird bug and continue playing normally. You could also make your own custom playerlist that you don’t show up on.
I do agree that this is annoying, and there should be some sort of feature to let you hide the creator tag (maybe even video star creator tag or admin tag too?)

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Adonis admin commands has an :incognito command, which removes you from the server list. There’s one quick solution to this problem.


This is a guest account constrained to one experience; subsequently it has the pitfalls of one:

  • The creator can exploit without punishment
  • The creator can bypass ROBLOX ToS without punishment

CC @Machinezy:

If you don’t want to implement a system in-game that handles anonymising your account when you play, you should open a private (incognito) window and log into a separate ROBLOX account there.

This avoids the constant account switching issue; the only issue you’ve commented on.

I dont think youre getting the point of this post…
Machineismyname is suggesting to remove the actual motive of switching to an alt account purely for convenience - which by the way, I completely agree with. Alt accounts are a little too much effort just to play your own game for a few minutes.

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Though this is true, it would be a little sad to see a genuine developer go out of their way to abuse a feature like this.


Not everyone has a second chrome profile open 24/7 and we shouldn’t have to have another profile open purely just incase there is a one off occasion that we’d need to switch.

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In the video I had provided it was closed initially?

Clearly if you have a need for this feature, investing in a FREE second chrome profile might benefit you.

This proposed incognito feature has room for many different exploits and abuses. it’s not worth it when you could simply make an alternative account.

Alt accounts have just as much risk. :man_shrugging:

What is being suggested here is a built-in alt account for your own games, if you’re really sad enough to exploit in your own games to gain an advantage which you can simply just give yourself legally, then I have no words…

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