Improved DevHub Search

Hello Creators!

We are not only improving the content of the DevHub, but we’re also looking at different ways to make the site itself better, and easier to use.

To this end, we’ve just released a brand new search! This should be quicker and provide more accurate results than the old one. You can check it out here.

Instead of a search preview and a full search, clicking on it will now bring up a fully-featured popup where you can search without loading a new page.

Additionally, you should notice that the results are more accurate and helpful than before, so you can do less searching, and more game development.

As always, we’d love to hear your feedback on this new feature, so please let us know down below! Ensuring search results are as accurate as possible is a never-ending task, so if you feel like you’re not getting the right results, please make sure to post here or on the DevHub feedback section. We’d specifically be interested in the following -

  1. What you searched
  2. The page you were looking for
  3. Where that page appeared on the results (if at all)

Massive shout out to @forkythetoyy, @FTDNotAppropriate, @Vydaar and @LuaCow for making this happen!


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This upgrade to the search bar is such a step up from we had previously.

Autocompletion of properties and functions is a big plus from me, having this ability to autocomplete methods instead of having to click through objects, is such a small QoL change, but it makes it so much easier to use.

And, thanks for finally admitting RSS stuff exists on the forum, even if it doesn’t have documentation, I dont agree with hiding these methods from the objects themselves. Even if the developer cant use them in regular context scripts, it’s nice to know that they exist.

Suggestion: put a warning error in the search bar if the method is deprecated, has a special security context etc.

or, if that’s too clunky, just the heading

Still, a really good update that was needed to make the wiki easier to use.

when peraldon uses hey creators instead of hey developers (nah its fine)


Roblox just may have given us the best update that would change the Devhub website search function.

Good Job @forkythetoyy,@FTDNotAppropriate, @Heimdyll @LuaCow


For anyone who set up a “custom search engine” in Chrome or other browsers, you’ll probably need to update your workflow. The old search page was (example for query Tween):

Now that we have a shiny brand new search, this page no longer works. You’ll want to just use Google with query


URL with %s in place of query:

I’ve updated my walkthrough on setting up a browser-based search in Chrome for the devhub.

Happy searching! Let us know if you find problems with it.


Hello, it’s pretty nice to see an improvement on the search feature! Will you improve the search feature for groups, profiles, etc.?

Anyway, here’s some feedback:

At least, for my Redmi 8A, the GUIs aren’t positioned correctly.

Anyway, the results were really improved, however, I was looking for Player-Player Collisions and searched for “player colissions”.

After a few scrolling, I found the appropriate article, but, after scrolling a little bit more, those appeared:

I am not sure how those relate with my search keywords :man_shrugging:

Anyways, this improvement is pretty epic, and I’m looking forward to seeing more improvements to the platform!


I’m not really a fan of it popping to the center of the screen. It was extremely disorientating at first. Other than that, the improvements are nice.


I dislike that the search pops up in the center. It seems rather unorthodox. I do like that it grays out the rest of the screen because the devhub needs a dark theme. However, I think that if you could find a way to have subheaders as in the new search bar combined with the location of the old search bar it’d be almost perfected.


Searching something on the DevHub now makes it pop up first on the search! I also like the popup. No more guessing what you’re clicking on due to the truncation.


I have some quick feedback on a search term that still doesn’t show the correct results.
I searched “pcall,” which should’ve came up with this page: Lua Globals | Documentation - Roblox Creator Hub
However, this page didn’t appear on the results at all


Will have something along the lines of player written articles in the future?
We have this on the dev forum in the form of posts in the resources category but I think having dedicated articles on the DevHub would be a better place for this.


This is an improvement, but in the screenshot you provided, a deprecated function that has been superseded by GetPlayers() for a long time appears as the second result. I think there should be an option to hide deprecated results or to show their newer replacements.

I also got some inconsistent results which changed when I changed sort tabs and switched back, but I’m unable to replicate this now.


I love it, thanks to you guys It now much easier for everyone to use the developer hub. I hope you’ll continue doing more updates for us creators as we appreciate anything that is done to improve and help us become better developers. :smiley:


Hey! Great update, however there are some visual errors with the new search bar. I’ve listed them out here in their own dedicated topic:

Will do! Please check out the topic I’ve made.


This is gonna save me lots of hours, when searching for something I need and needing sometimes going to some sketchy websites is always a risk, thanks roblox for making many people’s virtual lives easier


Good feature you’ve made there, much more easier to find things to use and helps new developers starting out. Thanks


Thank you! I was searching for os.time() the other day and the os page didn’t even show up! This improves everything.


Cool, maybe a feature you could add is gifs showing the function being run. And an example of the documentation of a code block for example


Great update! I’ve noticed a huge improvement in search results.

I use the wiki a lot to search the API pages. Right now, I have to click “API Documentation” to get the most relevant results. Because of that I’d love it if the wiki remembered my focused tab. That would reduce the number of steps in my workflow and reduce how much I have to switch between using my mouse and keyboard when alt-tabbing between browser and an open script.


This is a amazing upgrade for the search bar and such a big improvement!

Good job ROBLOX. This is a really good update which would change Devhub forever! And make it function smoother. This makeover is really good.

I use this a lot and that’s why this will help a bunch! Thanks. :wink: