Improved Place Open Behavior

Hey Developers,

Improving the user experience for all functions of Studio is one of our top priorities. As of last week we turned on a change to prevent place opening in Studio from stealing focus. This means that if any other open application has focus while a place is opening, Studio will no longer steal focus away. Here is a short video comparison of before and after changes.



To further minimize focus stealing we will not be showing the standard splash screen on launch of Studio in test mode (i.e. Studio launching Client/Server etc.)

Huge shoutout to @robDR for making this happen. Let us know what you think in the thread below!


Thank you so much! This is a feature I never knew I needed so badly


Thanks, this was a huge annoyance before! The lack of splash on test is especially appreciated :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you!

This is a huge QoL improvement and will definitely make the process a bit better to work with.

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Thanks so much! This was such an annoyance and I’m so glad this was changed.


This is a really nice update. It’s the little things that mean a lot! :slight_smile:


This was an issue I always wanted to report but I was always wanting to work on something when it was happening


Why would anyone open a place in studio, and then immediately click off it during the .2 seconds of loading? :sweat_smile:


The only one like I can give to you on this thread seriously cannot express how thankful I am for this update.


This was one of my major annoyances with studio easily when I’m in the middle of typing in Discord and my typing then causes me to accidentally cancel the updating of studio/player.

It might be such a small change you would think has no impact but I can seriously say it does have a huge impact to constantly loose the focus of important work I’m working on and get interrupted.

Finally, studio/client can update without demanding to be front and centre screaming “LOOK AT ME”


Omg! This is going to be a great update! It’s way easier to multi task in studio and on google. Definitely a great update. I used to always lose focus from the site which would really annoy me when I need to do something urgent like turning in homework.

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Honestly glad this is a thing now, some places take forever to load and would keep taking up my screen while I try and load other studios or chat to another user

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Because e f f i c i e n c y that’s why


Now if only other software like Adobe Photoshop would follow suit


This is also an issue with the game client during the first seconds of loading, maybe fix the game client too? :pray:


Much needed for when I want to surf on Roblox whilst opening studio!

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It’s the little things that count. It was really frustrating when studio kept flashing in front whenever I was just browsing chrome or checking my emails. Especially with games that take a while to load.


This is great!
Does this change affect launching games too?
Often when launching a game, I focus on a different window too fast, and Roblox player retakes that focus.


I don’t particularly mind the change since I don’t click off for the few seconds that Roblox Studio loads for unless I need to open another place file. Just another neat quality of life update, I guess.

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This change directly changes the Studio launcher, not the Client. :slightly_smiling_face:


I didn’t even know I wanted this update until this post. This makes me really happy now! Awesome job. :smiley:

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