Improvements to Pasted Object Workflow

We have just added 2 new commands to the right-mouse context menu:
“Paste At Original Location” and “Paste Into At Original Location”

They do not have default hotkeys, but you can add them using File->advanced->customizeShortcuts.
And all the paste variations have the same behavior, whether collisions are enabled in the ribbon or not.

These allow you to have the behavior we tried to give you originally, without altering any of your existing workflows.

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UPDATE: Hello All, we have heard your feedback. While the new paste behavior is helpful to many, it is too disruptive to a lot of you. We have rolled back the change and put things as they were. And soon we will be adding a new and separate command to “Paste at Original Location” to the right-click context menu. We will make a fresh announcement when that is ready.

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Hey developers,

We’re happy to share that using paste on an object while collisions are disabled now copies the object to its original location.

Previously, paste would always place new objects on top of the current selection. This was true whether or not collisions were enabled in the Tools area of the UI ribbon.

Now, when collisions are enabled, objects are placed as before. But if collisions are not enabled, paste will use the Coordinate Frame of the originally copied objects.

So if your copied object is at position = (5,3,2) then when you paste it, with collisions off, then it will always go to (5,3,2) no matter what is selected or not, and no matter whether anything is already there or not.

We hope this makes your workflow smoother than ever. Let us know if you have any questions or feedback!


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Since 2008 I’ve been begrudgingly putting up with this issue, pasting an object into a service other than workspace and dragging it in, over and over and over again.

This is the best quality improvement I recall in my entire career.


Sounds like a good change never noticed it did that bug, but it sounds good to be fixed!


This is great, previously I was using the workaround of first pasting into lighting and then dragging and dropping into workspace.


→ “This doesn’t seem to be the case for me…”
What’s not working for you as described?

→ “or BETTER YET, have a toggle for the old/new behaviour.”
The thing that toggles between the two behaviors is the collision checkbox. (FWIW, this is consistent with how ‘duplicate’ works)
Is there a reason why you want the option of the old paste behavior when collision is disabled?


uh… wat? this seems like ctrl+d (duplicate) with extra steps, i (personally) usually benefited from it being ontop of other objects


This is the collision setting it refers to. It’s in the MODEL tab. The CanCollide property does not affect this change.



Thanks, I appear to have -1 IQ today lol


It’s an honest mistake and now I will know what to ask anybody else who reports a problem!!! :slight_smile:


this does not apply when selecting from here:

unless if its not suppose to apply to those

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@minkmink you still have the old behavior if the collisions checkbox is checked.

Without this change, many users were frustrated that they couldn’t paste something into the original location. Duplicate only lets you do this if you paste immediately after copying, but that does not always match peoples workflows.


Not much of a change for me because I’ve always been using Ctrl+D (duplicate) and turning part collisions off in the Model tab to bypass this, but I thank you for thinking of the other developers! This will be a massive QoL fix going into the future.


So the Copy+Paste is the new duplicate? Cool stuff! :+1:

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1000 years later… Improvements to Pasted Object Workflow

Seriously, good update.


Yup, just that duplication is still faster :stuck_out_tongue:

But I’m glad this functionality is now shared between the two options.


I don’t like this update. CTRL+D already does this, I have always used duplicating for this use case, and used copy-paste when I want to be able to grab it and move it somewhere else, off-axis.

Once again, another pointless workflow change that already had a solution, with no way to revert, labelled as an “improvement.” Seriously, Roblox? Can we at least get some way to disable this without enabling collisions? Collisions make moving objects hellish, especially when working with meshes with weird collision boxes.


There is a point to the change. While it may not effect you personally, it does enable people to do things they could not do before. For example:
It’s possible to copy a model from one experience and paste it into another. Without this feature, users cannot get those models in their original locations, since duplicate can only be used to put the copy into the same world as the original.


I’m not sure if you were aware of this already, but you could’ve avoided having to do this by using the Duplicate (Ctrl + D) feature.


Absolutely awesome! Pasting maps from experience-to-experience was a very tedious process, and I had to use a wonky workaround of pasting the map into Lighting and then workspace, as to avoid the collision checking.
Very useful QoL update!