Improvements to the Terrain Editor

You can still perform the action you specified by using the select tool and inputing a position and size there. This selection carries over to the generate and import tools. We’ve seen some feedback requesting these fields to be made available within those tools as well and we’ll keep that in mind.

One of the things we wanted to make sure of with this update is that we didn’t purposefully remove any features and made sure all workflows are still possible. We understand that we may have missed some details, so if you notice anything else that is missing, please let me know.

Ah, I’ll keep this in mind with respect to the color of the brush. Would something like the old blue be better? We mostly wanted to step away from the almost opaque cursor that the terrain tool used to have, because we felt it got in the way of seeing the terrain you’re working on. This may have overstepped a little bit and made it too hard to see, so we’re considering shifting some values around.

@Takeoi @CartoonBlur @Daw588 This reply is relevant to your requests as well.

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It was selection wrapper sorry for the wrong naming.

does not work correctly underwater, i can not erode this chunk of terrain for anything with the sculp tool, everything just works around it, and there are many more like it

I would remove the water and add it again, but the sea level tool was apparently removed.

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I’ve been having this issue for a while now, not just since the release of the new tools.
It seems to have started after the Shorelines update. I thought it was maybe fragments of the water causing it, but I tried using the Region tools to fill the space entirely and could only remove little bits of the Region I added.
I was using Sand, Basalt and Water at the same time and trying to Grow or Erode edges between the Sand and Basalt seemed to cause part of the issue.

@ziplocBag Noted, will take a look at this issue as well.


I also posted a video on the Shorelines Beta announcement of what the result was. Improved Water with the Shorelines Beta - #198 by Scottifly

Probably should’ve posted a Bug report…

Please add the ability to give every material more than just one color… (I mean like having the same material used in a lot of places but with a different color in every place)

That’s honestly the only thing I can think of that we really need with Roblox’s Terrain


If we get the ability to easily move terrain between places it would be amazing if it were as simple as copying a terrain instance from one window and pasting it into another, just as if it were a regular part. Take a look at this post to see a potential future for how the terrain system could work. You may get some ideas for your prototyping phase.

can you just make it back to mouse scroll wheel to change size and control scroll wheel to change strength, the new update is so stupid

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plus can you bring back the ability to adjust the size by giving numbers instead of the size scale drags or what ever they are called

This is really neat! Though I don’t seem to have any of these features… Is Roblox slowly rolling this out or do only certain developers get this?

Select tool very good, would be a very nice bonus if you could copy+paste terrain across studios, would make transferring terrain between places a lot more seamless than it is right now since I have to use a plugin for it. Currently you can copy and paste 3D objects across studios, so the same behaviour for terrain with this new select tool would be a very nice QoL addition

Have you looked in your Studio File Settings?
You should see enable Beta Features, and you can choose which you want to enable.


Also @ReallyCyan

Unfortunately there is no way of making copy/paste between instances that simple with the plugin, since the plugin has some runtime context that cannot be transferred over in that way. However, we are trying to make the overall process as simple and straightforward as possible.


Other users have shared your concerns as well. We’re still looking into how we want to address both. That being said, you can adjust the numbers for the size and position directly by adjusting them in the select tool first and then going back to the import, or generate tools.

That’s not necessarily true, using an instance of some kind that contains the raw :ReadVoxels() data could be a simple, elegant way to copy paste between studio instances.

For any dev that might want to recreate “terrain from instances” without official support, you could generate a modulescript containing the table of data or convert the data to a string and store in an attribute of any object (Maybe a configuration instance)

The plugin keeps track of every inserted object (or a specific kind of object) waiting to find the TerrainVoxels Data. A more sophisticated plugin could implement a terrain-editor like drag tool to move the stored terrain around maybe even allow it to be selected like a part.

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I know this can’t be implemented at the plugin level. For this to work it would require a rejigging of how terrain works at an engine level so that multiple terrain instances can exist within the same datamodel. Combining two terrain instances together (of the same type) is something that can be done at the plugin level however.
This is not just about easily moving terrain around. It’s a request for a more flexible terrain system.

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I Really like the the Terrain Improvements! however do my Huion Pen Tablet Compatibles with the Roblox Terrain Sensitivity? and Stylus?