In-game Chat: /me

As we continue to remove bad actors from the platform, we also look for ways to ensure a safe, fun environment on Roblox. It came to our attention that the /me command in chat was being used to send fake system messages. After polling Roblox developers, we found that almost all developers felt this feature was being misused and the negatives out-weighed the benefits.

The /me command was previously turned on by default. We have now set this to be OFF by default. We have not removed this completely, so a developer who feels this is important for their game, can turn it back on. Please note that you may see bad actors using this to send fake system messages to your players, so proceed with caution.

If you want to turn /me back on in your game, you can do this in ChatSettings.lua:

  • Run play solo
  • Copy ClientChatModules
  • Stop the game
  • Paste ClientChatModules into “Chat”
  • In ChatSettings.lua, change AllowMeCommand to true

NOTE: If you have previously forked in-game chat, you may want to check to see if /me is still working in your game. Follow the steps above and set AllowMeCommand to false to turn it off.

If you have any feedback on this change, please add your comments, we always like to hear from you!


Seems like a smart plan to me. For games that have this on, is it up to the developer to watch for users using it improperly? Or is it one of those things where developers are simply encouraged to encourage users to report bad users via report abuse?


I think it would make more sense to just give us a toggle in game settings, but regardless thank you for informing us and giving us a way to re enable it.


Huh? In what way? Did they have usernames that formed the first word of a sentence or something?


If you saw italic text being on the chat, the first word was always the username and then followed by something like:

somescambot just got tons of ROBUX using somescamsite! Visit somescamsite in your browser to generate ROBUX instantly!


If I were to use something like “/me won 99999999999 Robux by posting this in 12 games” it would appear as TheNexusAvenger won 99999999999 Robux by posting this in 12 games and look like a system message. This can be extrapolated to replacing “posting this in 12 games” with “by going to -website link-”, which was used by bots not to long ago. People not knowing it exists could also be targetted by bullies with TheNexusAvenger is now an admin. messages.


This will help people get away from scams. However, I think if people were to use /me in games that allow it, it should have a stronger filter.


Oh wow. I’ve reported tons of people who I’ve seen doing that. It’s sad.


I never saw the purpose of /me. I believe its a good choice to have this disabled due to people abusing it to deceive others for stuff such as scams.


This idea is EPIC thank you so much for removing it. People used it to ABUSE, most of my players get scammed into thinking it is real. :roll_eyes:


Shameless plugin to the original feature request I created, thanks for implementing it :-).


Thank god this was finally addressed. This was long overdue with the amount of people abusing it with scam messages and faking to be roblox/in-game staff members. I work with Ultimate Driving and we run into people abusing /me with scam messages or posing as one of our moderators very often, we ask our community to report them directly to us so we can deal with them accordingly.


Although it’s a minor change, it’s an awesome one. I was tired of the command being abused, so I created a setting in the chat system to disable it. Now I don’t need to do that anymore. :smiley:


We needed that for a very long time. Scam bots using /me was a problem for months, and finally, it’s gone.
But actually, setting /me to off by default will not stop the scams problem. People that develop the bots will find a new way to advertise the scam sites.
All the links should be filtered (besides twitter,youtube,twitch and facebook links), so there will be a smaller chance of scam sites being advertised.

(also, bot developers will probably find all the games that still have /me enabled, and that will be a problem)


Pointless command that was just constantly abused by bad actors of all kinds (scammers, bullies, so on). Disabling it is one thing but changing the original branch to disable it by default is a change I’m sure everyone will appreciate.

Personally, I’d just remove the command entirely.


I changed this in my game quite a while ago to instead say ‘[PLAYER_NAME] said [MESSAGE]’ while keeping the italics. I noticed people still try and do the trolling/ scams but it’s impossible to trick people or make it look like a server message, everyone in the game usually just laughs at the would be scammer/ troller.


I do something similar that @SteadyOn already does with the /me command, except that I just append [Roleplay] at the beginning of any message so from:

{Player name} has done an action


[Roleplay]{Player name} has done an action

But most of the time I leave it off… Or restrict it to only a few people.

Honestly, does that mean that it will be removed?


Some people do not like this change. However it prevents people from doing /me [Admin] message (Converts to REALTimothy0812 [Admin] Hello), and not many people used it for good anyways. So if devs need it, they can add it. However, it disabled by default, preventing it in most ways.


Interestingly there are a few solutions out there right now to help heavily restrict/prevent people from sending spam/scammy messages in the chat like the following;

I remember visiting a game a few days ago and tried something like it in a game that had it enabled and the message wouldn’t show in chat with a rejection input sound effect.

I hope the development on these kind of systems improves and fosters into something powerful to help combat the issues you described where kids are fooled by Monoread is now an moderator to allow games that depend on the /me feature to safely use it.


A bit disappointing since it was (still is but not in all games) always cool to differentiate between the two chats. However, maybe you could add a new feature like /me? Maybe a colour option for text? Maybe different fonts?

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