Incoming Adjustment to 'Pending Sales' Waiting Period

Like that, less scams would happen, the player that got hacked using a script can have much more time to contact roblox support and describe their issue, therefore roblox would ban and remove the item from the catalog. (This comes from a person that got randomly hacked and just left with 0 robux ).

For me 3 days is already long enough. I do understand this was made for security purposes however it’s not our fault that Roblox moderation is not good enough.

Roblox moderation system itself should be reworked from the ground instead of just adding up the unnecessary waiting time for the robux to come, and also how is the risk of fraud or abuse determined?

Please reconsider this decision.


I agree with most of the replies here. Waiting 3-7 days seems to be a long wait. When I first opened this post, I expected a decrease in time. This just makes it more difficult to access funds and pay others. I hope this decision is looked more into, possibly reconsidered.

Instead of harshening developers even more than the 3 day wait period and increasing it to a very possible 7, expand and utilize your moderation services correctly. Have people waiting in case these incidents happen. Or just conduct a thorough investigation if something like fraud of abuse were to happen, and refund the victim.

An example being:
Your account got breached and somebody stole all of your game funds via group. Why would it takes 7 days to realise ‘Oh, my account has been hacked. My group may be compromised’.

This update has little to no purpose whatsoever. It’s not like the 3 day wait is borderline reasonable. Expanding it to a possible 7 days is just ridiculous and hurting developers even more.


How is increasing transaction completion from 3 days to 7 days helps improves security?

No please no I am a clothing designer and a gfx artist and we already have ti wait a while for our payment please do not do this

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So glad this is coming out, but about the pending sale times it takes about 3 or 4 days to get our payment back so is that gonna be lowered like to how many hours, 1 or 2 days so we don’t have to wait longer?

I really didn’t want to reply. However, I felt a strong need for me to reply. Let me explain my opinion. This. Is. *Absurd *. Absolutely absurd. 3 days, It felt like it was weeks. 7 days? Just think about how absurd that is. This is insane. I genuinely want to question the administrators behind this decision. What did you possibly think this would achieve? Making this decision just to stop a very small percentage of the entire platform, sacrificing the majority. No, not even majority. Most. All. This decision was a mistake. Just imagine how many developers are gonna be badly affected.


7 days is a long time. I have a question, would Roblox be okay making it shorter for some developers? Maybe DevEx members or beta testers can wait 5 days instead of 7 days?

I personally think this is stupid.
3 days is long enough, not only that, it will completely destroy groups/games who don’t have a lot of funding and relies on the group on funding their game.
I personally think that Roblox should implement a new way of receiving funds, not this wait 3-7 days to get your funds.

For example, it should be “Your account should be x years old and it must have 2fa and a pin.”

Or you should ATLEAST reduce the tax from 30%.

This will affect smaller groups and it will destroy them.


That’s a horrible idea. Why should dev ex or beta users have a shorter wait period? Just because someone has dev exed before doesn’t mean that they’re trusted or don’t do illegitimate things. And Beta users aren’t really trusted either. Anyone can join the beta program as long as they’re a member and anyone can become a member in less than a week.


30% tax and now 3-7 day waiting period. 3 days was already bad for lots of developers and this will make everything much worse. Please reconsider this decision as there are other ways to detect suspicious or malicious activity.

Just wrote a post about dev/buyer protection yesterday in dev discussion about more security when paying customers buy things, I asked that a pin be implemented similar to Amazon prime where before you buy/rent a movie you have to add a pin to confirm the use of robux.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s accidentally spent 500 robux on an item that is completely useless in a game you’ve only played once and only plan to play once because of a well placed clickdetector. The fact is there is absolutely no refunds right now, and though this is being implemented with such a harsh time window of waiting my only guess would be if you continue getting complaints about the purchase you’re window extends for release of funds.

Sure devs will be hurt by this, but I feel like it will bring more quality games to the platform and ensure that the people funding roblox by purchasing roblox have protection, against I will say, incredibly predatory games on the platform. (Monetarily predator)

The New Update Will Be The Worst Update for Builders, Modelers, GFX, Scripters We get paid through our groups and we already have to wait 3 days don’t make it worse. Please Reconsider This.


Well then they could just do it for DevEx members. If they get caught, they would lose their ability to DevEx. Nobody would want to risk losing DevEx.

Okay, so you don’t even allow us to add funds to our groups without some ****ty methods like buying shirts (which you steal 30% from btw), and now you add such a long waiting period? at least give us something beneficial out of this, hello??


what if you make it so all trusted devforum members wait 0 days?


Sorry but that will never happen since trusted devforum members can just betray them or something.

And just to be clear im not a big fan of this update to be honest.


I feel like this is just a bandaid to the actual problem… like come on? 7 days is way to long if you treat roblox as a job. You are affecting the developers more than you are fixing any problems.

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Why do we need to wait this long it doesn’t make sense. This period of time will make roblox developers angry because it’s taking to long to receive it.

Making the time longer doesn’t mean that it will make it more secure. People can still receive it even though they are very suspicious because they can make it less suspicious. To make it more secure, roblox have to improve the roblox moderation system to be even greater. Non of the less, this is my opinion.