Incoming Adjustment to 'Pending Sales' Waiting Period

Look, it’s because of individuals like you the community will suffer mow. You don’t simply get hacked, you must of gotten yourself logged by attempting to do something stupid or simply playing a MGUI game and actually giving your password away.

I personally feel this change is terrible. I feel pending robux should be determined based on how much the gamepass/shirt/pants/dev-products/etc. costs. If an item is really cheap then it should take less than an expensive item. I don’t think people want to wait up to 7 days for an item so cheap like 5 R$.

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Like many others I feel like this should be reconsidered.
This is going to make it very hard to receive payments and donations quickly. 3 days was enough, up to 7 is much worse.
This is going to ruin a lot of developers and change the mind of some to be using ROBLOX to earn.

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It honestly seems like roblox is trying to turn its developers off roblox, i can put up with 3 days but up to a week 30% and waiting a week, i wonder if they’ll decide to change the percentage

This is absolutely stupid. 3 days is already enough wait time and already annoys most people. 7 days?? seriously? This is going to be one of the worst updates for developers and clothing designers.

Well done Roblox.

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Big developers should be put on a fast track list then, and have this time reduced. 1 week is absolutely insane. How in any way does this actually prevent fraud?


Please remember, Roblox in Rollbacks and any sort of deed to assist a developer or person after scam does not help at all. Unless Roblox is now actually assisting to emails and stuff properly, I doubt this helps a single bit with fraud.

I feel this argument is completely invalid, if this were the true intention why not just add a 700 day pending time incase someone goes on a 700 day vacation.

I just don’t see why we are having to have a worse experience when in reality it is not our problem to solve, according to spending graphs 25% of Roblox’s revenue goes towards moderation so where is this moderation workflow?


It makes us wait longer because there weren’t good enough security features for account protection to begin with. Tons of other platforms notify you when a new device logs into your account via email and generally has better security.

But Roblox just has 2FA and unnecessary changes because the moderation system & security systems aren’t up to standard to start with. It might lower scams but then how would they determine what’s fraudulent and what’s not.

This can kill some smaller developers. I’m planning to launch a game sometime before the end of the year, and the three day waiting period meant splitting my limited funds across 3 days. I could manage that and still have enough per day that I’d be able to recoup the losses and keep the game running. Splitting those same funds across 7 days means I likely won’t be able to get enough players in game to the point where people start spending money.

This is not a small dev friendly move.


Yeah it’s really not. The only alternative/workaround I can think of is just using account funds to spend if you have those which might help you.

Well 3-7 days for a purchase how about this as a suggestion big purchases over 1000 will take 7 days and smaller purchases take less time because I don’t think wating a week for 100 Robux.


I don’t really understand what the point of this update is, as the platform is safe and never was safer.
3 days is 72 hours. I cannot believe that we have to wait longer than 72 hours just to get 3 robux from the tax.


I feel like this will just be used as a constant excuse as to why funds will be taking long.

“Ive been waiting 5 days for my pending funds where are they??”
“Oh, just wait 2 days, it takes 3-7 days”

And what clarifies as abuse? A dev putting 50k of their own Robux into their group, using the ONLY way possible (buying your own shirt), because you guys refuse to make any other way, will probably take up to a week? This seems useless in my opinion.


You’d be surprised how many methods are out there which simply abuse roblox support to get into you’re account. Giving passwords and clicking links isn’t the only thing that gets your account compromised.

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Just where do you think that fraud and risk of abuse exists? I understand but I have never seen a risk of abuse or fraud.

I understand, But could we at least have a 1-7 day period rather than a 3-7 day period? I know that you guys are taking steps to improve security but at least have a 1-7 day period that way, partial of the developers earn money a little more faster then waiting more and more days.

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I think this update is very bad. This is why:

First of all for smaller developers making their first game. It’d take them up to a WEEK to get the money they made from gamepass sales, etc. This could hurt they’re momentum and make it hard to grow with consistent ads unless in they’re first day they made a good amount of robux (unlikely)

Second: It’s already extremely hard to commission someone, so waiting 1 week would just be a pain for the commissioner and the developer.

I don’t think that the problem you’re trying to solve will do more good than harm, and I wish you can reverse this update or add an option for 1 week or 3 days.


No. Roblox decided the best course of action was to increase the waiting time to up to 7 days.

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Please reconsider this. The 3 day wait is already annoying and excruciating pain. Especially when the robux comes in delayed. The 30 percent taken away and the three day wait is enough stress on us developers.

Don’t you care about us?


I agree. There should be a 3 day choice and a recommended 7 day choice. But there’s also a disagreement. No one would pick the 7 day choice, so it isn’t really needed. Basically, roblox needs to shorten the waiting period.