Increase Range Limit of Lights

It is a disproportionate amount of work for the amount of value it adds, and features are not worked on the minute the feature request is posted. It can take upwards of six months to clear red tape and get things roadmapped, broken out, other priorities cleared, blockers resolved, etc.

So yes, absolutely. This is the the speed large engineering companies move at.


If you don’t think this doesn’t add enough value, then I suggest you scroll up and look at what people are saying :man_shrugging:

And damn, that is a depressingly slow speed, lol.

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sorry, it is my honest mistake to expect good, up to date lighting control from roblox, had i realized the engine was so ancient and unable to support these outrageous desires i would’ve abandoned this long ago! seriously though how can you not see that people want and need this, and to light a big room up with like 5 lights when it could be done with just one is not good at all. its not 2013 anymore.

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That’s because you’re thinking from the perspective of a user. Also you’re willingly and knowingly inserting meaning into my words when that meaning is not there, let’s have a little more respect. CC @dallasparade

I am saying that this is no more important than the hundreds of other feature requests waiting on the forum - The current limit is not good, but it is good enough for most use-cases, and that’s simply the reality. There’s a lot more very impactful changes backlogged that take significantly less work. This means it takes a lot of time to get something like this moving.

And yes, it is very slow.


at least some transparency on where they are at with this feature would be nice.


Agree on the post above. Its been mentioned very frequently and its popular enough to maintain a presence on the forums. I don’t even see any word on the roadmap. I hope with the new Voxel stuff they are putting out, a possible adjustment will arrive alongside that.


bumping this.

still cannot believe roblox hasnt done anything about this when the engine is able to genuinely handle it properly.

i will say, shadows are SLIGHTLY screwed. but other than that i do not see why this is impossible to do.


roblox should give us inf light range and just choose if we want our games optimized or not