Increased rate of 500 errors at group api

There’s an increased rate of 500 errors at the group api when accessing it without being logged in.

To reproduce open the link in incognito tab

Often happens on first open. If doesn’t happen on the first time, try refreshing a couple times.

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I have created a thread about this already. Increase In HTTP 500 Errors On API Endpoints

Seems we’ve created it in exactly the same time. I’ll ask around if it’s possible to merge the posts.


This issue should be resolved now, let us know if you are still having problems.


In the other thread(s) we have also mentioned issues with:

  1. PATCH update role 500 error
  2. HTTP Unknown Error (HttpError:SslConnectFail)

Do they mean to be fixed as well?

Still having issues, particularly ingame with this.

The 500 errors with the Get api started happening again.