Influencer's Information & Guidelines - Frizzed Cafe

Frizzed Cafe, “Aesthetically pleasing food, brought to you.”
EST. 23rd of August 2017
This topic has been made to inform members of our Interested Influencers on how to obtain this role & what we expect of you within the presence of Frizzed Cafe.

This role is granted to those who are recognized within the Frizzed community & Influence several members on a social platform, consisting of platforms such as Youtube, Twitch, Twitter etc. At Frizzed, we aim to give Influencers an opportunity to further expand their community base by introducing our audience to them. We believe that ensuring a sustainable community of Influencers will improve community interaction between both parties. Oh yeah, by the way - you’ll also obtain access to one of our channels so you can post your uploads / streams up there. If you’d like to get involved:

contact Damian or myself at DiscombobulatedJack#3662 on Discord :slightly_smiling_face: Once you’ve contacted me, send links towards your profiles on platforms of your choice, I’ll get back to you as soon as possible! :slight_smile: :sunglasses:

If you just so happen to epicly get accepted in - Then click here to get directed to the Frizzed Influencers Group

As an Influencer, you are not required to use grammar at Frizzed games hey thats pretty good. However, in no way will we allow our Influencers to offend, abuse or attack members regardless if they are outside or within the Frizzed community.

We seriously don’t care about how large your audience / community is, because why should we?

Adult Content is something in which is obviously prohibited as a Frizzed Influencer.

Influencer Moderation Team - @DiscombobulatedJack, @PinkSarcasm

We also ask that you follow both Roblox’s Community Guidelines & our basic guidelines.

thats about it for now lol

More soon.

Thanks for reading,
DiscombobulatedJack, Frizzed Founder.