Innovation Awards 2024 accessories cannot load due to underlying assets being restricted

For some reason, most of the avatar accessories created for Roblox’s 2024 Innovation Awards have restricted meshes & textures, so they cannot load in any experience.

An error will always appear in the output when you wear any of these accessories due to the mesh failing to load.

Affected items

These items are currently obtainable in the “Roblox Innovation Awards 2024 - Voting Hub” experience.

The Sash and Pauldrons are layered clothing items, so they include extra cage mesh and PBR texture assets. All of these assets are restricted as well.

Expected behavior

The underlying assets should not be restricted, so that you can actually wear the accessories properly in-experience.


I’ll probably be adding on to this but the same thing goes for other accessories that are currently archived like the Voter’s Luminous Cap for example.


Thanks for pointing this out, apparently all of the accessories besides the “Voter’s Luminous Wreath” have archived meshes/textures, I’ll rewrite the original post to include this.


Appears they’ve would’ve enrolled the “Roblox Presents” group into the Asset Privacy and Permissions for Meshes, Images and Models beta while ignoring the “Listing on Avatar Marketplace and Creator Store is not supported” limitation.


I was thinking this could’ve been the case here. If that’s true then I guess “restricted” assets currently use the same placeholder thumbnail icon as archived assets, which made me think the assets were actually archived.

Confirming this: Asset Delivery API shows that the assets are not archived, so I changed “archived” to “restricted” in the original post.

Hi there,

This should be resolved. If you encounter any more issues, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Hi, this wasn’t fully resolved.


Oh no! Thanks for letting me know. :frowning:

I’ll take this back to our team and trouble shoot this further. I really appreciate you flagging this to us btw. :slight_smile:

Hi! They should all be correct now.

If you encounter any further issues, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

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Unfortunately it seems like a few assets were missed again.

For both the Sash and Pauldrons, which are both layered clothing items, all of the cage meshes are still restricted, so the accessory is unable to properly wrap around avatars.

(WrapLayer.CageMeshId and WrapLayer.ReferenceMeshId on both items)


Thanks again for being such a great tester.

This should now be resolved!! Again, if you find out that we did not fully resolve this issue. Please let us know. Great learning experience here for our events team. :heart: