[Limited Availability Beta] Asset Privacy and Permissions for Meshes, Images and Models

[Update] June 21, 2024

Hi Creators,

Last year, we updated the asset privacy and permissions system to let you share audio and video assets with friends. We understand that asset privacy and collaboration are important for your business. Throughout this year and into 2025, we plan to extend asset privacy and permissions to other asset types and improve collaboration.

Starting today, we will offer early access to asset privacy for meshes, meshparts, images/decals, models and packages for a limited number of creators by purchasing a 30,000 Robux Game Pass. In the future, we plan to make asset privacy generally available to all users without cost. However, this beta requires manual support and more resources from our engineering team. This enables us to help those who have the most urgent needs as soon as possible. This will come with some restrictions on usage, but you will benefit from privacy on the additional asset types beyond audio and video. See below for more information.

How to Participate

To participate in the beta, please follow these steps:

  1. Fill out this form. You can use a user account or a group account.
  2. We have a limited number of available spots and will prioritize accounts that we can support based on the scale of our permission system. As we scale, we may expand access to more users and groups in the future.
  3. Once we review and approve the request to join, we will follow up with a private message to purchase a Game Pass
  4. Once you purchase the Game Pass, we will notify you when your account has been enabled.
  5. After your account has been enabled, all newly uploaded meshes, meshparts, images/decals, models and packages will automatically be set to “restricted” access (private) in the backend. For group/org accounts, assets uploaded to the group’s account by any member will be private. Please make sure all members are uploading to the beta enabled group’s account.

Please note: All previously uploaded assets will continue to be “open use” (public). Asset types not included in the beta will not be impacted. In the future, we will add functionality to enable you to set any of the “restricted”( private) assets to be “open use”. This will come with some restrictions on usage. See below for limitations.


  1. Experiences should be saved or published before inserting private assets. Users need to save or publish any newly created experiences before inserting any assets, otherwise the permissions will not get properly granted to the experience.

  2. Supported asset types: this Beta applies to meshes, mesh parts, decals, images, models/packages. Audio and video assets are already “restricted” (private) access, and any sharing functionality is not impacted.

  3. Limited privacy settings for beta assets: Initially, users will not be able to change the privacy setting. In the future, we will enable users to change any of the assets supported by beta from “restricted” to “open use”. An account’s private assets can be used only in experiences owned by the account:

    • Sharing with friends and other groups is not available. Assets (including packages) included in the beta can only be used in experiences that belong to the account (individual or group). This doesn’t impact audio and video sharing capabilities.
  4. Metadata and inventory visibility: Privacy for asset title, description, and other metadata beyond the thumbnail is not supported. To help prevent leaks, you should refrain from including any phrases in the metadata that might reveal non-public information.

    • Individual users’ inventory on www.roblox.com: Users can toggle the global setting to make all items in their inventory under their user profile invisible (available in Account Settings > Privacy). This will ensure other users aren’t able to see the assets under the profile’s inventory list. Groups do not have a public-facing inventory page.

    • Asset details pages: Asset details pages can be viewed within Creator Hub or at www.roblox.com: While meshes and images have publicly visible pages (www.roblox.com/library/), the only exposure on this page for protected items will be the item title and description. The thumbnails of the asset types in the beta will be hidden.

  5. Listing on Avatar Marketplace and Creator Store is not supported:

    • Users should not list any items on Avatar Marketplace or Creator Store after their account has been enabled. After an account has been enabled, all textures and meshes created in the account will automatically be “restricted” access type. Items listed on Avatar Marketplace and Creator Store require the underlying assets to be “open use” so that they can be used by other users. If an item is listed with private assets, it will result in a broken avatar or development item, and any user who gets the item will not be able to use it. If you want to list items on Avatar Marketplace or Creator Store, you have the following options:

      • Beta participants will be able to use any assets that have been created before their account was enabled. Any assets previously uploaded will remain “open use”.

      • Use an alternative account for Avatar Marketplace and Creator Store assets.

      • This restriction is only active during the beta. In the future, we will implement functionality that enables users to change an asset from “restricted” to “open use” so it can be published to the Avatar Marketplace. This is targeted for later this year or early next year.

What’s Next?

We’ll continue sharing updates as we scale our system and improve its functionality. This year, we’ll focus on enabling beta users to change “restricted” beta assets to “open use”, allowing users to publish assets to Avatar Marketplace and Creator. In 2025, we’ll expand functionality to all users and allow you to share “restricted” assets with others, the same you can now with audio and video assets. Stay tuned for these exciting new features!


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What? Did I read that wrong? I hope I read that wrong. Since when does early access to a feature cost Robux? Please don’t do this again. Does Roblox really need their own currency that much?

This is an extremely helpful feature that’s being limited due to Roblox’s usual Roblockades™.



this is lame
Yes it’s in beta, but the criteria to join being to burn 30K robux is so mega lame.

Edit: You’re paying to have a true/false tick changed on your account and to test a feature. Roblox expecting you to burn 30K robux(300 dollars worth at purchase) just to beta test a feature for them is insane.

Roblox HAS a feedback program where testers are paid(not very much, i’ve been paid around 40 dollars) to give feedback about new Roblox features, but suddenly we’re the ones paying to give feedback and test new things.

The criteria to join the beta should be anything that doesn’t involve paying Roblox


I will be applying sounds like a W
Paying 30k for privacy is crazy though, especially privacy that doesn’t apply retroactively


" Users should not list any items on Avatar Marketplace or Creator Store after their account has been enabled."

yea nevermind 30k to not use ugc is some crazy work


Waiting for this thread to be very unpopular. Who actually wants this? Asset privacy on its own is fine but PLEASE do not retroactively make assets private by default. There are millions of “technically private” assets that if it was retroactively applied, would basically destroy games.

Given the disasterous state of the audio privacy update, I dont think this will go down very well. It has been 2 years and you still cannot make audio public.


30,000 robux? at that point just make it an auction have all the TEEs bid against each other


I think it’s going to be great at preventing asset theft.
I don’t imagine this will entail all assets going private like audios did.

generally, any asset that you publish to roblox should have a public/private tick of some sort.


I’m not even surprised at Roblox’s complete disconnection and disregard for its player base, but what astonishes me is the price tag for a “beta” feature. You’re telling me you expect people to PAY for testing a feature for you?
Just Imagine if you had to pay for private audios!
Oh wait…


this will break too many games


Ah yes, paying for a beta feature that doesn’t even work with groups. What a great idea. Roblox is doing something else today, wow.


My fear is Roblox is going to retroactively apply this change to old private assets, like they did for audio, I get with audio it was because they were sued, but you can never know with Roblox.


yea I fear the same thing, but I hope and pray assets aren’t retroactively made private.

Some clarification would be amazing @FlankaTank


Probably gonna pass on this for now, would be more useful if the UGC meshes & textures also got hidden from the public & unable to be exported. I hope in the future that will be possible to avoid meshes stealing


30k robux insanity aside, why a gamepass? This seems so unprofessional, could a system for enrollment not be implemented?


because its funnier like that, probably


I can see this being beneficial for big game developers… However.

Knowing how the audio privacy change went down, I can’t seem to imagine how bad this would be. This could break so many games using assets that would be privatized by this change. Knowing Roblox, they would probably automatically make models private after a set amount of time. Also the price :sob:


cant believe it costs 30,000 R$ to change a website FFlag on your account, wild


Hey, the flipswitchers need to be paid too!


This should be a more prominent warning. I know some UGC Creators who might go through the process and then find out they can no longer upload accessories to the marketplace.