Integrate Your Roblox Marketplace Items Into Guilded

Hello, Creators!

We’ve just rolled out a new feature for your Guilded communities that lets you showcase Marketplace items created by you and your Groups from a new dedicated server section.

If you’re a Roblox UGC creator, this means you can now showcase, announce, and chat about your creations with your community all in one place!

To get started, head over to your Guilded server and find Roblox Marketplace from the header caret, select up to three Groups from the Shops modal, and you’re set. Your items will automatically populate in this new section for your whole community to explore. For a complete walkthrough, check out our guide here.

We hope this will open up a world of new possibilities for you and your community to engage with one another on Guilded – from sparking discussions and gathering feedback, to running polls and much more.

This integration is part of our Guilded Spring Update, featured alongside a handful of cool new perks for Roblox communities, including announcements, profile avatars, Builder Sans support, and more. Check out our blog for full details.

We’re excited to hear what you think, and we look forward to building upon this foundation based on your feedback. So let us know in the comments!


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Sounds exciting, what do I need to get started?

  • All you need is a Guilded server, and some Marketplace creations (they can be yours, or they can belong to any Groups you’re a member of).

How do I connect a Group to the Marketplace on my server?

  • When you hit the caret icon in your server’s header, you’ll see an option called Roblox Marketplace. Click on it, and you’ll be asked to link your Roblox shops. Select up to three options from the list, and then Confirm. For a complete walkthrough, check out our guide here.

Why don’t I see the option on my server settings?

Can users buy items from a Marketplace on Guilded?

  • Users cannot buy items showcased in the Marketplace through Guilded, but each item features a direct link to the marketplace listing on Roblox, for easy access to the available purchasing options.

I don’t see this on my mobile app. Did I do something wrong?

  • The Marketplace integration is currently only supported on the desktop apps (Windows, Mac, and Linux) and on desktop browsers, but we’ll be following this release with support for Android and iOS soon. Stay tuned!

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Stuff like this makes it really convincing to try out Guilded for Roblox communities! Still, the audience is with Discord and I don’t see a shift in this adoption any time soon. Are there any plans to set up a hybrid server (ie. mirror Guilded ↔ Discord)? That way, we can try out this new kind of stuff without leaving pretty much everyone in the dark.


(waiting for the no one uses guilded post)

Why is this restricted to catalog items, and why only within groups? There are other asset types (cough plugins) that could also show up here.


Seems like a cool feature. Would like it to be expanded to other kinds of assets, too


I like the features but I’m still not using Guilded as my main communication platform. I don’t necessarily trust a Roblox-owned platform as my primary online communication source. Do you have any plans to try and combat this stigma?

Also, why only groups and avatar items?


I’m wondering, what communication platform are you using right now? Is your concern specifically that Guilded is owned by Roblox?


Thanks for the feedback! We imagined this integration could evolve to support a broader range of assets over time, and hope to prioritize those options to suit the needs of the community. So don’t hesitate to let us know what you want to see :+1:


This is a great addition to Guilded! As a UGC Creator, it is nice to have all of my marketplace accessories compiled into a single marketplace my community can look through. However, I do have one concern with how this feature works. Currently, the marketplace is sorted in alphabetical order by default. This makes it difficult to showcase my highest quality and recently uploaded accessories. This feature would be a lot more appealing if it was sorted by best selling or recently created. Can we expect more sorts and even the ability to change the default sort shown in the future?


The only thing stopping me from fully switching to Guilded now is the fact all my friends and servers i am in are only on Discord. Really neat update though!


Short answer:

Long answer:
It mainly stems from Roblox’s stupid moderation (I got warned for uploading an image of Kreekcraft when DOORS does it… can’t possibly be corruption.) I understand that what I use for non-personal communication (Discord) has what is essentially the same level of stupid moderation, but it’s the status quo and until Guilded can reach the level of support that Discord has built, I won’t be using it as my main form of Internet communication.


Sounds like there’s sort of two halves to your comment. One is that it sounds like you’d like to designate a default sort order for your items. The other sounds like a broader range of sort options. Both of these are good suggestions I’ll take note of.
Regarding the second: do you have any specific sort options you’re hoping would be supported? You mention recently uploaded, but I assume there are some others you might be looking for too.


This is super cool, but yet another integration that only focuses on groups and not user stores.

All of my UGC is uploaded to my profile because when I started making UGC there was no way to upload to a group. By the time group functionality came out I already had thousands of items on my profile and it’s impossible to move them.

Please allow integration for UGC stores from players profiles as well.


You can add your own items to the Marketplace showcase. When you set it up, you will be surfaced at the top of the Groups list if you have items published to your account.


Oh this is sick. Was kinda surreal to see this pull up all of my Roblox groups as options.

Are there any plans to increase this amount? Having this bumped up to 5-10 would allow me to put all of my storefronts/game stores into my Guilded server.

Last unrelated thought, would love to see the ability to pin/highlight + hide specific items in my marketplace. Would be useful to host sales or hide older lower-quality items (without having to put them offsale).


This feature is absolutely perfect!


  • ‘Try on’ feature like on the ROBLOX site

  • Buying the item directly from Guilded.


Slight bug: Characters & Dynamic Heads are displaying Asset images rather than using Bundle thumbnails:

Other than that, this is a great feature!! Well done


I noticed that this includes assets that can only be purchased in-game. Would love some settings to adjust which items are being shown in the future!


Wow its me Banana Studios, epic!


The number of groups to feature is flexible. We’ll see what we can do there :+1:

Pins/highlights is a great idea!