Introducing Announcements for Roblox Groups

Hello, Creators!

Our vision for Roblox Groups is to provide the best way for creators to connect with and inform their communities. As a first step towards realizing that vision, today we’re launching Announcements — a new, optional integration powered by Guilded.

What are Announcements?

Announcements are a new section on Groups, featuring rich, long-form content shared from a connected Guilded community that is safe for all ages. They include hero images, up to 1,000 characters, line-breaks, emoji, reactions from your community, and the option to notify community members that have opted in to receive notifications. To ensure posts are safe for all ages, every Announcement is run through Roblox’s safety tools before being published to your Group. For users who enable this feature, Announcements will replace Shouts on the Group page.

How to set up Announcements

  1. Start by linking your Group to a Guilded community (you may have already created a community for your experience). If you don’t have a Guilded community, Group owners can create one from the Groups page or from the Configure Group section of the Group Settings.

  2. Select a Guilded Announcements channel to link with your Group’s Announcements.

  3. Once you’ve linked your Guilded channel, new posts made in the linked channel will automatically share as an Announcement to your Group. Any member of the Guilded server with a Roblox-connected account and permission to post in the linked channel will be able to publish Announcements directly to the Group page.


Why do I need to use Guilded to get these new improvements over Shouts?

  • Guilded’s feature-set supports a wide array of rich content, including announcement channels that support images and long-form messages. Integrating Guilded into Roblox Groups allows us to introduce value to Group owners fast, and iterate even faster.

Do I have to use Guilded to continue using Shouts?

  • No. This connection is entirely optional. If you take no action, you can continue to use Shouts with no change.

Who can see Announcements?

  • Announcements are accessible to all ages, and anyone with permission to see a Group’s Shouts will also have permission to see its Announcements. Social links to your Group’s connected community will only be visible to 13+ users.

We encourage you to try Announcements and let us know what you think! This is a first step in our commitment to deliver the best tools to help you reach and engage with your communities.


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I know you purchased Guilded for a lot of money, but why do we have to connect our Guilded server with it? Having accouncements built into the website would be better.


Awesome update! Groups have needed some updates for a while now! Glad to see you guys now coming up with new group features, can’t wait to see what you guys will add next!


This is an awesome feature! I’m excited to check it out.

Edit: although, can we please just filter the messages with #### and move on, this is annoying.

Edit 2: This is cool though.


Correction: You’re desperate for people to use guilded, but fail to realize they won’t because no matter how hard you keep trying, people will always like discord more


I do not like using Guilded. I do not want to use Guilded. I want to use Roblox. Please do not take groups this direction. I will never use any features that require Guilded.

This is something that we all have wanted to see for groups for YEARS, but locking features like this behind Guilded just to try to get users to come over and compete with Discord is very disingenuous.

EDIT: You win Roblox. I still don’t like it, but I’ve created a Guilded server to use the announcements feature.


this update is really good, but trust me when i say NOBODY uses guilded, you are literally better off doing this with discord, i am sorry but this wont give guilded any more members


A bit funny that groups have gone so long without major updates, but when there is an update, it’s posted on April Fools’ Day.

Nice to see progress being made though.


W guilded over discord any day of the week, now make games who use guilded have an algorithm boost :pray:


One question, why is this great feature locked behind Guilded?


okay very cool update but why guilded


You can’t expect us to just abandon our Discord servers for this.


I like Discord, but I prefer Guilded more because they have more features and they are all free, not blocked behind a paywall unlike Discord.


Nobody would ever want to ever publish filtered content to an announcements channel.


Yeah, I need to reword that. :neutral_face: What I meant was to filter it and let us edit it before it gets sent.


It’s likely due to the fact that Roblox wants more users on Guilded and because they own it and it’s probably easier to work with Guilded instead of trying to get things working with Discord.


Crazy with all the coping for some reason. Guilded is infinitely better than Discord, and the flexibility by integrating the site into Roblox for announcements makes it even better. People deserve to have another option besides Lcord, and promoting the site this way is genius.


FWIW there is likely no intention whatsoever to use this feature to try to push Guilded.

They are likely using Guilded as a backend to hold the announcement posts - Guilded already has a lot built out for writing and managing posts which makes it very easy for them to simply fetch the post from Guilded and render on the website.

This lets them get this feature on the website faster rather than building their own backend to manage this and delaying the feature for months if not years.

Will we ever get a backend for this? Not all users will want to run a Guilded server, or have to context switch to Guilded just to write an announcement.


except, only < 1% of the roblox population uses guilded
defeats the purpose lol

probably not, but this shouldve been how it works in the first place :100: