Introducing Beta Channel in Studio!

Hello developers!

Happy to announce an enhancement to Beta Features: Beta Channel! Now you can enroll in Beta Channel in Studio (File > Beta Features) and get the latest and greatest Beta features enabled as they become available.

Once you opt-in, new Beta Features are automatically enabled. As before, you can also still opt-out of specific Beta Features.

What’s New will display the newly enabled Beta Feature(s) - clicking this opens up the Beta Features dialog. Newly enabled Beta Features are activated after Studio is re-started.

As always, please let us know if you have any feedback or run into issues.



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So is the “Enroll in the Roblox Beta Program” topic now defunct? Will you close and archive the thread?

Does this mean that non-forum users can now access beta features?

If so, it’s nice to see that you’ve opened it up to the general public, as having it restricted to only a select group, form members, seemed a bit odd. The more testers the better, and the more people it’ll benefit.

I support this change. :heart:


Is this saying you have to restart after being automatically opted in to something? That sounds like an awkward workflow, since it’d be something like this:

  • Hear about new beta feature
  • Launch Studio
  • Be automatically opted-in
  • Relaunch Studio

Are there any plans for being able to launch and immediately use new beta features? This isn’t a huge deal either way, but it seems a bit awkward for something thats sole purpose is to opt me in automatically and still requires manual restarts.

I think this has been the case for a while.


Yes, as @rogchamp responded File > Beta Features has been available for a while.


@RainingSwordFire Does this apply to the (web) beta program or just studio?

What about 700 player servers, which are part web part studio?


@rogchamp, thanks for the feedback. What’s New will indicate new Beta Features that are enabled. When you launch Studio, any Beta Features that were enabled in previous session are automatically activated. Please give it a try and let us know if you have any feedback on the workflow.


@Automationeer - Studio. Will clarify in the original post.


If anyone flicks that can they access the 700 player servers?


No – this just gives you access to on-studio features. You still need to use the existing opt-in thread on #forum-feedback to access:

  • Web beta features (including stuff like new page revamps)
  • 700 player servers

Cool, I wonder what features come with it, I think it comes with the new bubble chat, and better performance updates still in beta, but I won’t use it because, I want my games to use stable features, and no buggy ones.


It’s nothing. It’s just a toggle that turns all the STUDIO BETA features on only so you don’t have to do it manually.


I guess this is Cool, but I would not use it Because some Beta features might cause problems without me Knowing.


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Bug reports with Studio should go through the devforum, not via customer support

Why do we now restart studio for the effects to take place? Before this change we didn’t have to restart


For clarity this is only for Beta Features. Also, that is not true. When you manually enabled beta features previously it would prompt you to restart studio in order for them to take effect.


Ah, apologies. I don’t remember the last time I messed with Beta Features, and I’m sure I didn’t remember restarting it.


Good job on adding this new update! Have you guys fixed the problem with Studio freezing when you change the Settings as well? :crossed_fingers:


I think this feature should only be in the Developer Forum because people on the Developer Forum have more of a chance to know more about developing rather than some random users.
I do think this option should only be available to DevForum users, but that’s just my two cents.


Can you please revert the latest update? My studio is legit freezing every 5 seconds. What is the beta channel for if developers, who use the app on the reliable version with no beta features turned on, get the same experience as do beta users? This is insane. People rely on Studio for their livelihood!