Introducing Configure Group

For example, the case of Hilton Hotels (Bloxton Hotels) which needed to be rebranded because of copyright can’t change their name, somewhat affecting them y’know.


You could make it so that it gives out a notification to the group members when a group name is changed.


There are a lot of strong cases to allow changing group names, but we have to consider every user when making these decisions - the potential negative impact on members who didn’t realize a group name was changed is very high, and currently there is no solution for how to mitigate that.


First off I want to say I really like the redesign. We have waited forever for it and it has been well worth it! I feel like the functionality of the transactions page can still be improved significantly though.

Right now you are stuck with the pagination arrows to switch between pages with 10 transactions showed on each page, I’d like to see this changed to upwards of 30 transactions per page. This would significantly reduce the amount of clicks it takes to look through all of this data.

Something else is the necessity of being able to search for purchases from a specific player. There have been many cases where I needed to look through our purchase history to verify if a player actually purchased something like a developer product. This has always been a super painful task, resulting in either never finding the user, or missing the data entry completely.


Should still make individual games have recurring payouts in the revenue tab


That is a feature past the scope of the configure group page. This thread seems to have received the most support recently.


Just going out on a whim here, how about kicking all members and messaging them prompting the name change where they can rejoin if they want to? It’ll punish name changing for large groups and encourage name changing for small groups like typos.


I’m very happy with this change and I can’t wait to see the new features!

There is just one thing I want to note, it is not possible to see how many pages of join requests exist. It would be nice if it said “Page 1 of #” instead.



Any plans to make the members page have a smaller grid? 3x3 feels too large for me, and this is on a 24’’ monitor. I’d prefer to have more results per page, like 5x5 as an example.


This is great!

Now us dark theme users don’t get blinded at 3 am trying to monitor our group’s revenue, player count, and other obscure stuff!

What I’d also like to see is a complete reskin of all pages for dark theme and looks, notably the Trade and the Create pages

I like the ability to see all roles laid out on a table, and be able to make modifications very easily. Can there be an advanced menu for this?

hype for a Manage Ranks permission

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This is a really good addition! Everything looks smoother and generally more user-friendly for everyone. The current version looks a little too outdated for me in comparison to the other user interfaces.


Love the new group configuration UI! Although, I do have a few features I would like to see added to this page that I know I along with many others will find very useful:

  1. The ability to give group members a percentage of a game’s revenue. With the current payout system, you can only payout a percentage of the total group earnings and not a percentage of a single game in the group.

  2. Options for more security/verification for changing group owner and sending payouts. Currently, if someone were to get access to an account of a group owner, they can easily change the owner or send payouts from the group because there’s simply nothing to stop them. A simple 2FA or pin code for these options would make groups a lot safer.


I have been waiting for this since 2017, The group admin page did not fit modern Roblox well.


What if I don’t want a developer to be able to spend the group funds, but I’d like them to be able to see the revenue?

There was a post about this where it was regarded as a bug.


Thanks! It looks amazing! However, when is the developer page going to get updated. I still sadly get blinded from it at 1-2 AM

This was a very needed update. Is there an ETA of when its going to arrive for all users?

What an exciting update!

I’ve been wondering for the past few years, ever since the first website redesign, to see when this would be released. It’s of great comfort to know that there is still attention being given to the groups feature, which is often a cornerstone of community-based games and game studios.


I like the group payouts functionality and how it shows a user that it thinks to payout to, but it shows people not in the group, which is a little hassle when paying out.

I think it should be updated to display a user in the group whose name closely matched that of the input for payouts.

Roblox is not in my group, but shows up as a payout option:


I love it. My only gripe is that it seems a lot more painful to mass rank users manually.