Introducing Configure Group

It’s working fine for me

This is very nice! Been waiting for a awesome group page revamp like this. Can’t wait for some new awesome group features. :smiley:

Can we PLEASE introduce a prompt to insert your account pin when giving group ownership and other very IMPORTANT things like that.

We have the account pin for a reason. I’d rather be using my pin to secure ownership change rather than a username change. :heart:


This new update is pretty good and makes everything so easy to find and manage! Amazing job, Roblox!

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That’s insane, but in a good way. Good timing, too. In one of my groups, I had only two roles left before I maxed out, so I had made a shout, asking members what role they wanted next, and to choose carefully since there were only two to go. Now I don’t have that issue, lol.

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I’m not sure if this is the same issue, but I can’t put anything on sale either.

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I understand there might be concerns regarding inactive accounts, defamation, and abandoned accounts that people often check the profiles of that are in groups that could change their name at any time if a group name change feature was implemented, but the same could be said about clothing, favorite games, and badges. Right now, anybody could change the name or icon of any of those if somebody favorited or bought or earned them, and could do so to defame inactive accounts or make it say “Only ice cream fans own/play/favorite this!” when the clothing/favorited game/badge was originally called “Only pizza fans own/play/favorite this!”

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Thanks, Best update in a long time.

Have you changed the recurring payouts to be given every month?


The group payouts option only allows the player with the rank that has it to view revenue and sales as well as use group funds on advertisements, it doesn’t actually allow the player to make payouts.

I have found it way easy to see what has been sold just through the image on the sales page. One thing I would like to see is when people purchase a VIP server instead of a blank image it shows the game icon. Otherwise Love it!


Glad to hear the Transactions redesign is appreciated! Will fix the VIP server thumbnail thing this week :eyes:

Edit: this is fixed :white_check_mark:


Now that I have the update firsthand, I can finally give feedback on it. I like this new update. It’s still taking some getting used to, but it’s not too difficult to figure out. I especially like how when you change a user’s rank, it actively moves them to the new rank. This makes it helpful if you’re going through one rank and moving members to another, making the list smaller as you go, instead of needing to refresh or go backwards or forwards a page.

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i don’t like the way the payouts are done, it doesnt specifically regard the people in your group (when typing “mink” in the payout for example, an out-of-group account is getting displayed)

OK, after having spent some time with it, I do have one complaint; you can’t immediately go back to the beginning of your members’ list.

You have to go through each page, one by one, instead of just being able to choose what page you want, like previously.

It’s the same with the Audit Log, you can’t choose what page number to go to, you have to go through each one until you get to where you want.


if you were hacked and they kicked everyone and you ‘left the group’ you wouldnt be able to get it back anyways.

so i’ve been using it for quite some time, and the most annoying thing is the missing group funds (as an admin of 2 groups it is highly annoying to not see the groups’ income flow and be paid appropriately)

then you also cannot go to the beginning of your member/request list, it is also much more difficult to pay out members as i have accidentally added myself to the payout percentage multiple times now (also you cannot pay out decimal percentages)

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You can Publicly share funds, via Settings.

I think it would be 10k is is because it’s not just effecting you it’s a group.

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@BitwiseAndrea Thanks for the fix! It looks so much better! I have one other suggestion though. Dev product images should show instead of game name if no image then game image maybe?