Introducing Experience Notifications

Hey raft, thank you for the amazing updates on this feature! I’m extremely excited to implement these into my game.

However, I can’t seem to find in the documentation or in this thread how I would be able to get a list/array of the roblox users who have opted in to notifications. I wouldn’t want to be sending notifications to users who aren’t opted in would I?

Is there a way to see check if a user is opted in?

Currently, to notify players about certain time-sensitive events, such as daily rewards, it seems necessary to run a background server to continuously scan the datastores which is very much a nuisance.

It would be incredibly beneficial if we could specify a ‘publish time’ within the payload to specify how long from now the notification should be published to the player.

If the player enters the experience within the ‘publish time’, the publishing of the notification should be cancelled.

Could look something like this:

local userNotification = {
	payload = {
		messageId = id,
		type = "MOMENT"
		publishTime = {
			Days = <number>,
			Minutes = <number>

local result = OCUserNotification.createUserNotification(recipientPlayerID, userNotification)
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Hi Creators!

We’re excited to share that we will be relaxing the max limit of notifications to 1 per day per user for each experience. Previously, the frequency limit was 1 notification per 3 days per user for each experience. We hope this update provides you with more agency to engage and retain your users. For more details, please see our post on this update.

Thank you.


Did you ever figure this out or get an answer for this? I don’t want to write a system to handle it externally if there’s harsh limit.

I attempted to send notifications to 100 players at once and got throttled, however with a delay of 1 between each prompt, I haven’t ran into issues so far, and I sent about ~200.

Too many requests to Open Cloud.

It would still be nice if we could get an official statement though, the documentation is pretty lacking and I had to find some things out on my own
(like status code 429 meaning the user is on notification cooldown, and 400 meaning that they don’t have notifications enabled)

You can only send 1 notification per recipient every 3 days.
For testing, use the universe owner user id as recipient to skip the check.
User XXXXXXXXX391 is not opted in to receive notifications
for your experience 5538027221.
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Unfortunately I have not been able to verify that there is or isn’t a limit. I did find out that there is no limit for sending notifications to yourself though.

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How does one tell if someone joined from an out-of-experience notification, including the update ones, from JoinData?

What code are you using to send these notifications en-masse like that? I am wondering since the game I would like to do this on has quite a lot of players that I would have to send this out to, and I am wondering how you get a list of those users, if you aren’t using something like DataStores.

Hi Dapale there’s no limit on how many notifications you can send per week.

There are limits based on rules below though:

  1. Each recipient must be eligible to receive the notification from your experience. Otherwise an error (e.g. 400) will be returned
  2. Each recipient has per experience and aggregated daily limit. The notification won’t be delivered (returning 429 error) when limit is exceeded
  3. There’s a generic API requests per second (RPS) limit to prevent one single client from overloading the system. We don’t publish the limit but as long as you have very basic pacing (e.g. limit to <100 request per second) the requests should go through.

Rule 1 and 2 are documented here: Experience Notifications | Documentation - Roblox Creator Hub

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