Introducing Home View for Creator Marketplace Web

Hi Developers!

Last year, we announced a slate of improvements to the Creator Marketplace that included a new Home View for Models available on the Studio side of Marketplace.

We are happy to announce that Home View with Subcategory and Trending Sections are now live on web! We hope this enables an easier browsing experience to explore the incredible expanse of content from this community available on the Creator Marketplace.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

Huge shoutout to the team that made it happen: @shnooops @ehopehopehope @stickomega1 @colorlessgreenideas @FriendlyAdder @applepinecake

Happy Browsing!


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It looks just like studio’s toolbox which is great for UI/UX consistency! Good update!

ah yes dababy car such a high quality model


UI response time is still slow, and the website constantly crashes for me. I can’t imagine what low-end device users are going through now.


I appreciate the increase in consistency, but immediately I have a complaint.

Do you think that just one category should be shown before having to press a see all button? I think at least 4 should be displayed, but on the mobile interface, only 1.

Just noticed the the search bar is inconsistent with the search button too.


I feel that this “Market” is just another “Extra” website of Roblox.
The way that the old development page was within Roblox’s own main domain was much better than being dragged to another sub-site of Roblox.

Same with the games on Roblox, now you have way too many config pages in place.
Before there was a huge “Change” in direction, and Roblox went “public”, there was only 1 “Config place”
Instead, now there are 5 config buttons, one for 1 place alone.

  1. Sponsor this place.
  2. Config this place
  3. Config this place.
  4. Config Languages of this place.
  5. Shut down all servers on this place.
  6. Update the unpublished latest version to the latest.

Now it just feels that Roblox is cutting their site into subsites.
Soon it will just be sub-sites like this.

and more URLs.


Would be great if the Games- uhhum, “Experiences” tab would actually properly load in all my games, and properly load my archived games and whatnot, too many times does it just give me something along the lines of “There are no games”, and then other times it loads just fine.

I rate the Create subsite a 5/10; still a buggy mess with questionable UX, would still rather use the old develop pages.

But besides that, it’s… alright.

(Also the archived games page on Studio is broken and shows no games a lot of the time)


Nice update! It’s gonna make the web version way easier to sort through. Does this also mean it has received the newer search algorithm that came to the toolbox?

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I’m going to continue to use studio’s toolbox.
This doesn’t make better.


Roblox has previously made it clear that they want to separate Creator pages off into the Creator Hub, meaning a complete separation between the main domain (purely for visiting experiences and managing communities) and the creator domain (for everything development). You pretty much nailed the intent and end vision that this is intended to be another subsite of Roblox.

I don’t think the list of examples you gave was really that fair though. All of those subdomains except create are used for separating the web API endpoints that are used internally and for us to use in our third party applications (or in Roblox, either through a proxy or an engine service’s API). The create subdomain is purely for the Creator Hub and all related tools for Creators.


I’m still very confused on why Roblox decided to make a whole different sub-domain when they could’ve just updated the old create page. Everything aside, its pretty cool.


For curiosity’s sake, why are the “Avatar Shop” display titles inconsistent across the main website & the subdomain? The main site used “Catalog” for what, 13 years? And still uses catalog in the URL to this day. Then changed to “Avatar Shop”, told it would be reverted, never did. Then in February this year it went from “Avatar Shop” to “Marketplace”. Now, mid April of 2023, only been a couple months, it gets changed back to “Avatar Shop” and we get a new tab in the Create page named “Marketplace”.

I hate to sound rude, but can we make up our mind here? Maybe sync a single name across the entirety of the Roblox platform?

Thanks! :smile:


This is a good change but you guys archived the OG developer page when the main one is still lacking. It has bad UX and is super inconsistent and still lacks tons of features!!! You guys removed search filters, lol :t_rex: categories won’t fix this

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I agree. I don’t understand why they seperated creator pages. I think that It would be fun if the marketplace just had stuff mixed but ordered with proper consistency :stuck_out_tongue:

I thought this feature already existed. I kept seeing it WAY before the update’s announcement.

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It has existed for ages now. This entire post is about the new home page for the creator marketplace, making it simular to Roblox Studios toolbox.

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This is another step forward for consistancy!

I do think there are some issues with the catagories in this interface though.
For example, the essential category has some random things in it.

The first two rows are fine. All things that developers could use in most of their experiences.

The next two rows are more problematic though.

A ripped asset from doors, a McDonald’s Restaurant, Jeff the Killer. A sword. Magic Carpet, Speed Coil and Gravity Coil dispensers.

The next two rows also don’t get any better.

Or the rest really.

It just seems odd that these all (seem to be) classed as essientals.
Although if I recall these were still issues when this home page was introduced into studio.

Also a bit of an unrelated question, but will we ever see the Creator Hub design get ported over to the main website. Kinda like this theme I made fairly recently? It’s just something I would enjoy to see for consistancy.

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This is for developers, a developer would not need to use a Mobile device to get models they want.


Aren’t we all developers the last time I checked? This is a developer forum after all.

These sites SHOULD be optimised for mobile use. For example, I might come across a cool plugin on the DevForum when browsing on my phone, and I might buy it through my phone, downloading it later on.

Roblox has not made enough effort for mobile support across the entire site as it is.


There needs to be real communication on why this is placed on a subdomain and not the main site. It’s extremely confusing and as a developer, clicking too many buttons to get to basic places doesn’t make any real sense.

Outside of that, nice update.

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