Introducing New Material: Glass

What I’m a little confused about is this image:



You guys have this image in the post under the “Reflectance - Image” spoiler, yet I can’t get this reflectance of the surrounding terrain that you are showing here. The glass material only reflects the skybox, not the surrounding environment.


I could be wrong but I think the terrain might be part of the skybox

that’s a possibility, but it doesn’t seem that way in the image.

Correct, it only reflects the skybox. For some reason our default skybox has clouds beneath you, so sometimes reflections look weird. I found reflections look much better if you use a skybox that has the ground as a part of the skybox, or at least if the bottom half of the skybox is darker.


As the days go on I keep seeing cooler and cooler stuff with glass.

This is definitely one of the best updates in a while.


I’m interested in knowing how you accomplished this.

This would be too intensive for Roblox’s engine.

I’m taking advantage of the bug where transparent parts and decals do not render behind glass. All the snow, the NPCs and the house are set to Transparency = 0.011 (I heard rumours 0.001 also works, but haven’t tried it). The ParticleEmitter doesn’t render either.

Yeah, a little disappointing due to that.


I’m experiencing the same effect on my map. So sadly I can’t apply glass to my map until this issue is fixed.

You know, maybe when the glass not rendering transparent things behind it bug is fixed we could have a material or a brick which doesn’t render selected stuff behind it as a replacement?


Like a Mask object? That’d be cool.


An issue,
Why does the head mesh from the SpecialMesh object not render the glass material, while all other Mesh Types from the special mesh render it? This is inhibiting in making a cloaking device for players with a default head mesh.



head meshes haven’t rendered any material types for a long time
I’d be great if they changed this but I doubt it’s on the table

just use a cylinder, with a flattened sphere on the top and bottom, then cut the very tip of each sphere and union it all together
or export and import the head mesh and make it a meshpart


You can make a MeshPart with the MeshId set to rbxasset://avatar/heads/head.mesh to change it (sets the size as if it was a specialmesh with scale 1, 1, 1)

That’s what I used here:


Damn! I wanna go make some statues now that you shared this hack.

I’ve used a few modifiers on a few planes in Blender. Each have their own patterns and it gives cool results. It’s not even remotely feasible because of the poly count but, you know, science!

Figured i’d post this here too since some people might not follow me (and if you do, who hurt you?)


someone should really try making a stealth jet where you cant be seen from the bottom, would be neat.


How do you go about creating mesh parts for hats with code since the MeshId property is write restricted?

Are you just storing already made mesh parts?

Had to do that, yes - the effect shown is quite restricted, if you don’t want to exclude accessories.

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