Introducing New Material: Glass

This is a fundamental problem of screen space effects. Some parts of the window want to refract a part of the sky that’s covered by the bars of your window. We have a similar problem for water reflections, where we want to reflect something that is blocked on screen by another foreground object. This thread has more info: Reflections in water cut off by character.

We’re looking at ways to improve this, but this is a hard problem to solve. In the mean time, I suggest keeping this artifact in mind and building around it if you’re going to use Glass for windows. From what I’ve seen, it doesn’t look too bad on large windows that the player never gets too close to or looks at from a sharp angle.



My inner geology nerd has been unleashed!


I can’t find it in ROBLOX studio, has it been released yet?

Yes, it’s been released. Click File > About Roblox and make sure your version is 318.

Mine says 316, shouldn’t it have updated automatically? Is there any way to manually update studio?

If you go to the Develop page and download Studio from there, you’ll for sure get the latest version.

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It should have updated automatically though.


Oh, alright. Thanks so much! :slight_smile:

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Love the new material. Gives my type of building style a whole new look. Very pleased.


Dynamic reflections next? :3 A very toned down version of it obviously (Already exists in smooth terrain water?)

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This has already been talked about on this post. Terrain water uses screen space reflections, which only reflects what is already on your screen. This would obviously not work for conventional reflections.


glass is life


Just checking if glass is live on all platforms yet? If not, do you have a date estimate?

Glass should be live everywhere some time next week.


actually it would ; i have recently noticed that even the gorgeous reflecting floors in SW battlefront 2 only use screen space reflections ; yet they look good enough … same for the Water in many Unreal engine 4 games like " ARK survival evolved"

Yes it looks odd but apparently even the best triple A games tend to rather use Screen space reflections for their reflective surfaces !

So in my opinion Roblox should at least think about testing to use those for part/material relflactance … at very least a extremely toned down low res method.

found this interesting .PDF explaining some stuff about cubemaps vs. SSR :


You are right that screen space reflections may look alright for floors and such, but a reflective surface in front of your character would not work, for example a mirror.


probably … tough i am not sure.

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If this behavior is planned on being changed, please make it optional. There are many use-cases (such as the one below) for using glass to not render non-opaque objects and removing this behavior just to fix one issue doesn’t seem reasonable (not to mention it will also have a large performance impact). If certain developers absolutely need to be able to see non-opaque objects behind glass, please don’t force this on everyone. Make it optional. :slight_smile:

Example use-case

Using glass to cut the beam water from appearing inside of the boat.



Alternatively they could just add some kind of new material to replace the current use cases. Glass is new enough that it would work (given enough time for devs to move over to the new system). I don’t however support holding back the platform due to people using clearly unintended behaviour in their games.

Just my 2c.


Yes, I agree. I’m not advocating to hold back the platform in order to continue to support this behavior. I’m just saying to make it an option to be able to keep this behavior for those who are relying on it. Either that or add a new material as you’ve said.

they clearly said not to rely on this behaviour