Introducing Package Version Notes

Hi Creators!

We are excited to announce the release of Package Version Notes.

With Package Version Notes, you can now document the changes between Package versions. This means that when you update to a new Package version you will know what changes you will be pulling in. Additionally, it will give you insight into the changes you are reverting when restoring to an old Package version.

Input new Version Notes in the Version History tab.

After publishing a new version of a Package you can go to the Versions tab of the Package details page to update its notes. The notes then will be visible when opening the “Versions” tab, in the Package Mass Updater, and in the “Version History” in Creator Hub.

See what new changes you are getting in the mass updater.

Whats Next

We will be continuing to add visibility to Packages as they represent the future of content encapsulation and distribution on Roblox. We hope you’re as excited about the future of Packages as we are.

Thanks to the team who helped put this project together - @shibaxixi, @vreddym, @MrMark2u, @Rusi_002, @Aleutian_Tern


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This is a step toward adding advanced and detailed restore options for all aspects of development. Love it!


Is there any chance we could get version notes for place version history too? It would help immensely with reverting game updates and locating + releasing old game versions.


I really don’t like this workflow. It should mirror the way commit comments are done.

The first use action for adding notes to package versions should be upon publish (with a potential option for seeing this every time or hiding this prompt forever).

The same for updating packages manually, we should see a history of all the updates that have happened since the last update alongside their comments.


Another feature where I would love to take use of these notes in-game as well.
Will there be an API to read notes from packages?


I don’t know if it’s even possible for me to be that excited, but I’m always glad to see features getting improvements.

Is there any chance of Package support for open cloud? I can think of a few valid uses for them, especially now that we have version notes, but only if they can be automated.


+1 to this, open cloud support for packages would be huge for my team.

My team currently uses Packages for assets since they work much better with multiple programmers (and multiple places). Having Open Cloud work with Packages would be a huge addition to our automated workflow since we would be able to insert the package asset directly into a development/production place file and publish that.


Any chance of allowing automatically updating packages to update into new servers without having to publisher beforehand (of course with some sort of option to control this), would be beneficial to my network of games!


I don’t have to open every single version just to find the one that works

Very good update, no complaints!

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Since you’re working on version history in general, can we get the ability to remove old versions?


It’s amazing I have been looking for something like that :star_struck:

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Nice, A Standard feature needed, would there be like a patch notes section for our game page in the near future?

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Yes, if I make a mistake or something I do not want it to be around for ever. Allow us to delete old versions of assets please.


hi @MineJulRBX thanks for the feedback! can you help explain what you mean by in-game notes? e.g. what kind of content would you want in these notes, and who is writing or reading them


Hey Roblox, when will we get meshpart creator/editor?


The version notes from the packages. I would love to be able to read them in-game, to players. Provide them details on the current version of a package


It’s not a good experience adding notes afterwards, this is much more preferable:

Otherwise though sorely needed and appreciated. Would love the same for game versions


I agree, adding notes after publishing the package will become a chore. it would be much better to add the notes upon publish. Aside from that, great update!