Introducing RoWifi | 2nd Gen Roblox-Discord Verification Bot

What is RoWifi?

RoWifi is a bind-oriented Roblox-Discord Verification Bot written in C# offering highly customizable binds using groups, names, roles & assets. We also offer tons of other features such as blacklists, logs, bind backups, and many more. We ensure our service is of the highest quality with frequent updates & swift bug fixes. We’re currently used in over 7k+ servers and service almost 600k users.


Important Links

Website - Click Here
Blog - Click Here
Changelog - Click Here



This is the first type of binds we offer that are used to bind a Roblox Rank to one or more Discord Roles. These can also be used to nicknaming a member in your Discord server. One of its unique features is the priority attribute which can be used to tell the bot which nickname to select if you have rankbinds across two or more groups.


This is the second type of binds we offer. These are used to bind an entire Roblox group to one or more Discord Roles. These are fairly straightforward.


This is the third type of binds we offer. This is the bind to use if the above 2 types don’t satisfy your needs. Combine the operators we offer (and, or, not) with the functions that exist(HasRank, IsInGroup, HasRole, WithString) to write your bind.


This is the last of the binds we offer. These are also pretty straightforward. These are used to bind either an asset, badge, or gamepass to Discord Roles.

Logs Channel

If you’d like to log every action that it does, all you have to is create a channel called #rowifi-logs and it will do the rest.

I’ve listed the top features of RoWifi above. We do offer a lot more stuff but I’m not gonna list it here or this will get way too big. At the start, we’ve added the important links from where you’ll be able to get an even more concise overview.


Mega vouch.

I’ve known @TensorMatrix for the longest time now and this is his biggest and most successful project.

Ever since I discovered RoWifi it’s been my No.1 choice and recommendation over all other verification bots. It’s versatile and expansive features that Tensor updates extremely often beat all it’s competitors, always online and seems to truly be 2nd gen.

Really do recommend, support team is also super friendly and fast.


RoWifi will always & has always been my No:1 choice & recommendation over all other verification Bots that are out there.

I highly recommend using RoWifi for your servers. :+1:


RoWifi is quickly becoming my preferred verification method, due to it’s stability and unique features that are not found in RoVer or Bloxlink.


RoWifi is a extremely good rankingbot to use, I’ve used it many times in different group and this is my goto verification bot.

Highly recommended.


this is an amazing, 100% better then rover and bloxlink. you dont have to pay for binds.


Vouch. Member of Staff there, treated with respect, bot works as intended, and even better. Verification has never been more detailed. Now including gamepass linking which is perfect for larger groups.

Recommend to the fullest.


My go to service for verification on discord. Simple and easy, yet extremely powerful. :100:

Highly recommend if you’re looking for a no-nonsense solution.


Will this be open-source? I’m just curious.

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Seen RoWifi before and it is cool. If it is in the resource category though then it is kinda expected to be open source. Are there any plans to open source it?

Honestly, I haven’t given it much thought. I’ve rather put my focus on developing new features. Being the sole developer, my code documentation is only up to the point where I understand it. So at of right now, probably not. In the future, this will definitely be open source.

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Compared to Bloxlink Pro, what additional benefits does RoWifi provide? What features do Bloxlink Pro have that RoWifi doesn’t have?


At the Basic level, we provide you with the option to write you own binds aka Custombinds. We also have a powerful blacklist system. More details can be found on our website. We also do not have a bind limit. There is a limit but it’s just way too high to matter
At the Premium level, we offer Auto Detection which basically is a periodic updating of all members in your discord and the option to backup your binds. This is different from the server templates that discord offers.
The only thing we don’t offer is multiple Roblox accounts linking to the same Discord account.


Would you be able to post a github (or something else) link as it is part of the Community Resources rules for it to be open source?

Incorrect actually.

The Community Resources guidelines state:

Only post resources with a substantial free or open-source component here.

RoWifi has more than substantial free content available for use. Please read the guidelines properly before spreading misinformation.

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Regardless, you can find us at:

As much as I love new competition for things, I don’t see the difference in this bot compared to something like Bloxlink? Bloxlink has all of the same features and is online 24/7, just like this bot. Therefore I don’t see why this would be used over a bigger and more extensive bot like Bloxlink?

I’m pretty sure bloxlink can’t give you a role depending on if you have an asset.

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I would say custom binds is one of our unique features. Putting an example below. I don’t know if it will make sense to you, but I hope you get the gist of it. Sorry about the rendering.You can do the same with blacklists. In all, giving you amazing control over your server.


This is pretty cool don’t get me wrong, but what does this bot have that Bloxlink doesn’t? Bloxlink has custom binds too, and if you have premium you can auto update all members.