Introducing the Roblox Creator Translator Program [Pilot]

Hallo, こんにちは, and สวัสดี to all @Translators

Are you passionate about localization, have excellent skills in translating between English and German, Japanese or Thai, and would like to boost the visibility of your translation services?

If all of the above apply to you, we’d like to invite you to participate in the pilot of our Roblox Creator Translator Program.

The goal of this Creator Translator Program is to provide more visibility for dedicated and expert community translators who wish to offer their services to other Roblox creators. Likewise, we want to make it easier for developers to find and hire qualified community translators to help make their experiences just as appealing to the international market as their English speaking users.

Note: the Roblox usernames and/or Creator profiles of qualifying translators may be shared publicly on Roblox with our Creator community.

How to Participate

In order to participate, we invite you to take a translation test to help evaluate your language and translation skills. The test should take about 45 minutes to complete and is currently available in three language pairs: English to German, English to Japanese, and English to Thai. We’re planning on opening up the program to further languages in future.

Please use one of the links below to take the translation test. Only one submission per candidate please.

You can expect to receive your test results via. email within a few weeks after the submission. Please note that, in order to participate, you must

  • be at least 18 years old or have reached legal age of majority in your jurisdiction or state of residence (whichever is older),
  • have an Age ID Verified Roblox account,
  • have a Roblox account that is at least 2 months old, and
  • have native or near native language proficiency in the target language you’re testing for.

Thank you, and happy translating!


Roblox does not post jobs, perform work, or employ individuals or teams to perform work for translators posted on the Creator Translator Program, and nothing shall create an employment, agency, or joint venture relationship between Roblox and any translator. Roblox is not a party to any agreement a translator may enter into, does not supervise, direct, or control the performance, compensation or procurement of services in the Community Translator Program, and shall not be responsible or liable for any disputes or damages related thereto, including, without limitation, if a translator is not paid for their work or if a Job Creator pays for work that a translator does not complete. Roblox also makes no representation or warranty as to the quality of work that a translator may undertake in connection with any work or services performed for a Job Creator. Roblox does not recommend or endorse any particular translator or Job Creator, or her/his/its respective offered services or job posts.


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As a Roblox translator since 2020, this is insanely good to see! Thankfully real translators have not been forgotten! Hopefully this opens up to portuguese in the near future. :slight_smile: I will definitely apply!


I hope the portuguese come too and the south american servers too ;3


Alrighty. Seems interesting. I’ll be sure to apply!


This is confusing. You usually use Qualtrics for Surveys. but this time, it uses Google Forms?

also do you check if someone uses google translate or not?

anyways this is a cool program :slight_smile:


a bit limiting seeing that it’s only for these three languages at the moment

any plans in the future to expand it to other languages?


Love this goal, I have a strong feeling that this new Roblox program will undoubtedly become the doors leading to a successful career path in the field of translation.

I can’t wait. I know a few translators out there other than myself that would be qualified for Turkish, we could be of great use to Roblox.

I wish the best of luck to everyone interested in this program that’ll partake in their respected language test(s).


Google Translate isn’t a good way to translate, it can be detected easily


Yes, they are indeed going to expand on further languages.

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Sounds interesting! Hopefully this will help enhance the ability for other players to enjoy the games the play while being able to communicate from anywhere around the world.

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I’d tried, but I don’t know any of those lol, it’s time to download my duolingo back.
(Btw I can translate another language that I don’t really want to say)

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Hopefully they will have for the Netherlands in the future and they will adress the issues with moderation it moderate words what don’t need to be moderated and not words what needs to be moderated especially by the description

Bring this to PT-BR. I’m sure it’s a huge community and this program would help expand it even more!

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Why isn’t this opened for other languages too?
I mean, for example, Dutch, I think many members of the Dutch community would put their time into translating Roblox to Dutch, at least I know I would.
Maybe it would be cool if we have like a portal where we can translate Roblox into every language that you can select on Roblox.

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Which Portuguese? The real one or fake…

Hosted in Brazil? The one that already has the best connection with US servers?

the portuguese from brazil because for some reason in roblox only have the portuguese from brazil

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This is an absolutely amazing opportunity for any German, Japanese and Thai Translator on the platform! I hope every notable and eligible Translator gets their chance of attending in this Program.

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This is definitely really good news! It’s been a while since there was actual progress to help freelancers who specialize in localization. Looking forward for more languages in a near future. Thanks for such chance!

I only speak English, wish there was a English to English translation option.