Introducing Today’s Picks on Marketplace

Hi Creators,

We are excited to announce that, beginning June 28, we are testing a new sort called Today’s Picks on Marketplace. Like its counterpart on Home, Today’s Picks on Marketplace is a curated sort with items selected each day by a team of in-house editors.

We plan to test this sort with a subset of users across iOS, Android, PC, and Mac. This test will consist of different versions of this sort - in different positions and with various themes, item types, and even outfits - to learn and improve it before opening it up to more users.

Today’s Picks on Marketplace will give us more ways to feature the work and creativity you bring to Roblox. We want to make Marketplace the most engaging destination for avatar shopping on Roblox. As part of this, we strive to connect every user with the avatar items that help them bring their unique self to the platform. Using the combined efforts of our team of Roblox editors and our Marketplace recommendation system, we will be highlighting editorialized content across many categories, including what’s new and notable, as well as what’s seasonally or culturally relevant.

Please note: Creators in Today’s Picks must follow our Community Standards and Marketplace policies and be in good standing to be selected.

How do I request my items to be featured?

If you wish to nominate your items to be featured for Today’s Picks on Marketplace, please complete this survey. Today’s Picks on Marketplace will be updated daily, and creators can be featured more than once. However, at this time, each item can only be submitted one at a time and we ask creators to limit themselves to 10 to help us manage the volume.

I’m interested in creating avatar items, how do I get started?

We have plenty of resources you can check out! You can also review our documentation here.

We are still at the beginning of our journey to surface new and exciting content for users to discover in Marketplace. We anticipate our approach to curation will continue to evolve, and we will aim to share more details about how we select items in the coming months.

Thank you!


Click here to view the FAQ!

How is Roblox selecting items to be featured in Today’s Picks on Marketplace? Are any creators and creations eligible?

  • The daily selections for the featured items will be chosen by a group of in-house editors from across the organization. The content highlighted will cover various categories, including new and notable items as well as those that are seasonally or culturally relevant. We are prioritizing content priced above the item’s respective price floor as well as 3D layered clothing and accessories. To be featured, creators and their items must abide by our Community Standards and Marketplace policies to be featured.

Can I submit outfits on the form? What about storefronts or groups?

  • At this time, we can only accept submissions for individual items. Creators can submit items as an individual or as a group.

How many items can a creator submit?

  • While we do not have a hard limit on how many creations you can submit, we ask that all creators limit themselves to 10 items at this time to help us manage the volume.

Where will “Today’s Picks” be shown?

  • It will be shown on Marketplace across our iOS, Android, PC, and Mac app.

Will all users see the same content or is it tailored?

  • At the start, we will be testing with a subset of users before expanding more broadly. During the test, all users will see the same items each day, and those items can be featured more than once. We hope to offer greater personalization with additional cohorts and regions in the coming months.

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Love this update- getting new items out there grows increasingly difficult so glad to see this is being extended to the marketplace


:eyes: This feature could significantly boost the visibility of deserving items, promote diversity items in the catalog and enhance the overall shopping experience. Love it :).


Limit to 10 items for how long? 10 items a day? A week? Until the beta is over?


Really cool update! I really liked the idea behind the today’s picks for experiences but so cool for it to also be brought to the marketplace!


Another question: Will we be notified somehow if an item is featured? This would be really helpful so that we can know why an item is trending if it does trend.


Awesome update. I’m not that good at making UGC so I never really take it seriously, but this is a good job for small 3d modelers. :pray:


By iOS, Android, PC, and Mac, does this also include the website or is this only for the Universal App?


I’m glad the that the message has finally gotten out that AI and algorithmic featuring just leads to a bland, repetitive, and/or unexciting recommendations and that manual human intervention is needed to give high quality user created content recognition.


Alright, I like that its being curated by actual people. Hopefully this helps get more visibility to small and new creators/items! Ill make sure to fill out the survey and nominate a few items of mine. Keep it up Roblox, whatever helps creators earn more or AT LEAST get more eyes on their works.


I’m really excited to see how this feature plays out!

Today’s Picks on the home page has helped several experiences find their audience. I am interested to see if the marketplace category can do the same thing!

I just have one question though, will limited items be able to be featured on Today’s Picks?


So, this is essentially just a re-worked version of “Trending models”, then. Well, that’s good. For some reason, my Freddy Fazbear trash can was trending. Twice.


How are we supposed to accurately fill this out when Roblox changes the price floor regularly?


Simple question: why? I can’t think of a good reason to keep this feature region locked.


Does this apply for only non-limited items or can limited items be submitted/considered for the daily picks on marketplace.


Why are you only prioritizing items priced above the price floor to be considered? I don’t necessarily like this because even when its above the price floor you guys change your prices so often its hard to even have a set price for our items.


Will this feature work for 2D clothing?


Appreciate the effort to allow for more discoverability in the catalog.

Is this feature only for Non-Limited items?
How often are we able to submit new items (for the 10-item limit)?

It would also be great to get some sort of email confirmation for submitting the form or being featured (for transparency, to be able to see when your item is picked, and to be able to see what items you’ve submitted).


Is it actually a team of in-house editors? I feel like this could just be accomplished with AI nowadays…