Introduction into UV mapping textures on Blender 2.8 & importing into Roblox Studio

This article assumes you know how to use some of the basics of blender 2.8 & how edit mode and polybuild works:

Start by making your model, next go into edit mode.

If your model is rather simple and small in terms of geometry simply go into UV Editing [which is one of the pages found at the top hot bar]:

You’ll find your page has split into edit mode and the UV editor, make sure that you press the UV sync selection box which is the at the top left of the UV editor.

If it is simple all you need to do is Smart UV project by click “a” to select all your faces, click “u” and it’ll bring up some options click “smart UV project” make sure Island Margin is at 0.03 as recommended by a tutorial I watched a while back.

You can now go to the top bar of the UV editor, click the UV box and the bottom option will be Export UV layout, then choose .png, When exporting make sure that the dimensions of the texture are power’s of 2 so (512512 or 10241024 or 20482048), this prevents stretching and corruption of the texture, then you can start painting over it in either MS paint, GIMP or any other photo-editing software of your choice.

Next upload your blender model to Roblox as a .FBX file by exporting it. You can then insert it into Roblox by going onto RBX studio and making an object called “mesh”, insert your .FBX file under properties. Once you have your texture complete go to and find the place to upload your decal. Upload your texture png as a decal.

Next find the texture ID by going to the URL of the Roblox website the decal is found under and copy and past into the mesh’s properties which should be found under “texture ID”.

Your texture should then be shown on your model, congrats!

If your model is more complex mark [by selecting edges and the pressing “u” and marking seams] this helps blender to cut your model in order to flatten it making it more logical than blender’s auto system.
When your happy that it is mapped the way you want it press “u” and “unwrap”.

Practice is key with these things and you’ll over time find ways of getting more efficient at it
Then follow regular procedures as mentioned above…

I hope this helps everyone out there who was as clueless as me. :smile:

Any questions just drop down to comments section.


Nothing happened, I clicked A and it worked but U didnt.


Are you hovering over the model side of the editor? You should then press “U” there and it’ll give you all your options.


I am happy to answer any further questions but I am going to be inactive for the next couple of hours due to work. Compile all of them in the chat below.

I am,

You see how you are in layout view, you need to go to UV Editing view.

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oh and you need to go to edit mode


Where do I find UV editing view, cant find it xD

ah it worked after going to edit

I would recommend going to UV edit page


I have a question, what if the model has multiple colors and the textures are all separated? What should I do?

For each mesh part you make, you can make an individual UV map (a square) that is essentially a map of the object, you can only have 1 texture map per mesh part.

Within the texture, you can have a range of colours. Within Roblox studio, you could weld the parts together to join up an entire object if you had split up the model.


So if I want to create a mesh with different colors, I separate the parts where the colors are different and I weld them together, correct?

You can indeed separate them if you wanted to but it might be easier just to UV map it all at once and then “Mark Seam” when UV mapping an edge where you want the colours to be different.


But the models must be all in one and not separated (multiple meshes in a blender workspace) in order to do so, right? I don’t know much about UV stuffs :sweat_smile:

Do you have a picture of your mesh?

What 3D mesh software are you using? This should help me explain better what to do in order to UV map your work.


I am using blender, and I’ll send you the file.

apple yes.obj (214.8 KB)


Okay, I am just a touch busy right now but in a couple of hours, I will send you instructions on how to do this exactly.

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Hey sorry for the delay, finished my exams so will get you a solution shortly.

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It’s alright, take your time! .