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My name is About_Dev. My story begins on October 21, 2017. I’ve just heard about ROBLOX! So that following day, I’ve downloaded ROBLOX on my phone! I have gotten into building recently so I decided to create my first game! An obby! My role in the developer community is a builder! My goals for the developer community is to get to on the front page (hopefully), make fun games that attract people, have fun with creating games! That’s all about me so far. Have a good day, and hope to see you soon.


Hello, I’m new here

1 - First I found Roblox back in 2009-2011 while my brothers were playing it and I started playing as Guest and in lots of accounts and I always forget them, And still I forget lots of stuff but not the important stuff.

2 - I started developing games 4.5 I think years ago, I was just using free models and plugins etc.

3 - Idk what that third question really mean but I think it means like famous games etc, I got one famous game that is little bit famous I got from it now more than 31k visits and couple robux, And got limiteds from trading and buying.

4 - And last i’m a Programmer I work alone a lot but I have people to work with too but not a lot, And they say that i’m a very good programmer :slight_smile:

5 - And i’m happy to be a member of Roblox Developer Forum.

Hi, I’m huntingmurderer (Yes cringe I know). I’ve been playing Roblox for almost 4 years now (Joined in 2016). Its an honor to be accepted as a member into the Developer Forum.

I first found Roblox because a lot of my friends were playing it. It wasn’t until the beginning of last year that I started getting into developing when I decided to try and recreate my school in Roblox. Sort of as a hangout for me and my friends on the platform. My current goals on the platform is to learn how to script when I get the time and motivation. My role here is building and recreating things. Lastly, I hope to be a great addition to the community!

Hi, everyone! I’m Saltax and I’m developing Roblox games for more than 4 years, but I’ve never used this forum before, but I decided to try it and now I know what I’ve lost :slight_smile:

Once my friend told me about the Roblox, and so I started playing it.
I wasn’t really interested in building or in any other development types, but once I’ve met my friend with a railways group and I started to learn building with him.

My goal is to make my own successful game and become a famous developer across the Roblox.

My main role is a builder, but I can also Script, Model, and design clothes.

I have no specific specialization for building. I can build and enjoy anything.

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Hello, I am Waylander40K (big fan of the author David Gemmell and Warhammer).

My children play Roblux extensively. After many years of watching them play and a desire to make a game. I tried out the editor, and viewed many youtube videos and forum posts to learn.

I have now made a game, and am working to make it better. Although starting to wonder whether to get help or move on to another Roblox project.

In building a game I have become multi skilled (builder, scripter and UI). Found programming to be the part that I most enjoy doing.

Hello I’m Wheeos!
1 I found roblox well talking with my friend and he recommended it to me.
2 I got started on development after learning more about scripting and building as well as more as general game statistics and other stuff game related, I really have enjoyed games my hole life, and It was a dream to me to become at least some type of game developer.
3 My current goals are to learn more about scripting/building and the development world, as well as the development community here at roblox.
4 My role here is, Scripter/Builder/GFX.
5 Nice To Be Here.

Hi, I’m newvegasbIues, or just Vegas. I found Roblox sometime in 2012 - 2013, playing as a guest on some of the older games. I made my Roblox account in 2014, and I’ve been playing ever since. I got big into RP games, mainly ATF in ~2016, and I’ve been playing them ever since.

I’ve been working on off for games and projects since late 2018, working on projects with friends and the like. I currently work for ChadTheCreator on ATF and FL2, and it’s been a great learning experience.

I currently want to learn how to script and continue working on ATF and FL.

I’m mainly a builder, however, I do occasionally make clothes, although they’re almost always for myself.

I’m currently a moderator for ATF, which is how I got my development positions in ATF and FL.

  1. I found ROBLOX in 2013 when I saw someone at the library playing it. I played as a guest until I made my account in 2013.
  2. I’m just getting started on learning to develop right now! I didn’t really start to develop anything until last year. I started picking up scripting a couple months back.
  3. I want to get a small, nice community for my hangout game “The Oasis”, as there aren’t many classic hangout games like that on ROBLOX.
  4. I used to just build, but now I am learning how to script.
  5. My favorite quote is by JFK, “Mankind must put an end to war before war puts an end to mankind.” Very powerful.

I have been playing roblox for 5 years, when my brother introduced me to it. I was introduced to development by a popular developerer. I hope to make a name for myself and to further my skills. I am a composer. I have been doing music for 14 years. Wish me luck!

Hey all! Just got promoted to member tonight out of the blue and I’m excited to finally start communicating with fellow devs!

I found Roblox in 2010 through a friend from school, and ever since then I’ve been on and off the platform for the past 10 years.

I started developing a few months after I had a chance to play some of the popular games back then, like Robloxian Pool and the original Hide and Seek (you know the one). Once I started getting used to studio and had some Robux in my account, I invested in ads for my old game called Ragdoll Stairfall. Soon enough to my surprise, it hit the front page days later.

My current goals for the platform are to develop diverse and engaging experiences, and getting feedback is what I love the most. I value fun over the potential return, and seeing players interact in my games puts the biggest smile on my face.

My role in the community is basically an everything person. I design all my UI and thumbnails, build all my games, and do some lite scripting, I’m more of a script “editor” haha.

And yeah, hello to all! Glad to be here.

I started playing Roblox about 10 years ago and still play it every now and then. I was impressed by a lot of games today compared to 10 years ago and decided to try making my own. I want to further my understanding of coding and produce a good game. While I am currently focusing on understanding scripting, I would like to learn the fundamentals in everything so I can have a better understanding. Scripting has been fun but there have been a lot of roadblocks I have faced that have been frustrating.

Hi, i am mohas191, i only started developing 2 years ago. I used to play roblox in 2013.
Im happy to join this immense forum and looking forward it!

  1. Through a youtube video by Shedletsky
  2. Sporadically
  3. Understanding computer science and make a new game
  4. Programmer
  5. Not much else to say

Salutations, developers! Before I’d like to introduce myself to this wonderful and friendly Dev Forum community, I’d like to say that thank you for accepting me into the forum. It’s an honor to be here. So let’s get started off by my introduction.

I’m viosylet, formally known as Dlqix. I’ve been building in ROBLOX Studios for 2 years, which is since 2018. Since then, I’m not very active in the forum since I’m a beginner since then. I pretty much build some kind of cafe, juice bars builds. Which somehow someone have inspired me and encouraged me to become a professional builder.

Lastly, I’d like to say thank you for the ROBLOX Community for accepting me into the forum and would like to learn more about it, again. Thank you!

Hey, my name is Architekts. I originally found Roblox back in 2008 when I was 7. It was sort of by coincidence that it was free rather than alternatives at the time, Dad didn’t want to pay 15 bucks haha. It was honestly one of the most enjoyable experiences I’ve had, and I met a family friend on the site just by pure coincidence.

My first step was simple: publishing a model. Once I did that, I watched the video that used to be on the front login page to learn how to build the basics. I took a break and came back in 2013 full swing to attempt to rebuild my home town. I never finished it, but it was a start.

Out of roughly 7 years of development, I mainly helped other people build up their games. At this point now I am starting to make my own games with a moderate amount of Robux I’ve accumulated over time. I flip flop from project to project (i have 12 unfinished projects) but one of the most demanding projects that I’ve been most interested in for up to a year is a huge map of entire North America for a western game.

And my main profession is building. I’m hoping I can learn to program as I go to college for a Computer Science degree.

Kinda remarkable I’ve evaded the dev forums for this long. But here I am.


I don’t really remember how I found Roblox, but I joined in 2017, and have played as a guest before that
Well Just recently started to develop on Roblox, however I have tried it multiple times before over the past few years
As of right now my goal is probably just learn how to script on Roblox
Right Now I’m a programmer
And that’s basically it

Hello I am cam_Guy,

I found roblox back in the beginning of 2017. I found it on the App Store of my phone. My first game to play was Meep City. Back then, games were not as complex as they are now and I fell in love with roblox. The amazing avatar features made it seem like you could always be what you want to be. How I got started with Roblox Development was me and my cousin were very interested in mining games as games like Treasure Hunt Simulator and Mining Simulator just came out. Me and my cousin took on a very small project where I scripted the game and he built the game. It was alright for both of us being first time Roblox Developers. From there my journey began as a programmer/scripter.

As a programmer for Roblox, many tasks come up and you have to work through them or work around them. I made many mini projects between 2017 and 2019. In early 2019, I released my first big game called Chest Collecting Simulator. The game now has almost 1 million visits and has been out for over a year now. In early 2020, I started on a new game with Temtaken Studios called Robot Simulator. The game was a huge success and has lead me to make more games with other developers on the platform.

My current goals on roblox are to work on more games with other developers, do some solo projects by myself, dev ex a big amount, make a front page game, get better at programming, and be a better me as I am always wanting to improve. I have been on the Roblox Developer Forum for over a year now and I am always looking for new things to do!

My role in the community is a Programmer.

Thank you Roblox for this opportunity.

Hello, I am LifeDigger. I would like to thank everyone who is on the forum for making it a great place to be as a developer.

I found Roblox from my friend. He lives about 2 hours from were I live so we played Roblox to have some fun together. I got started with developing on Roblox because of the events that have been going on so I could use my time with good things. I did start developing a little before but not much as I did not have that much time. My current goal is to make a game that is working with someone else who is a programmer as I am a builder myself. I am a builder as I told you but I am not sure how to change my role on the forum so if someone can help me by telling me that would be great. I have nothing else to say but to never give up even when times may seem hard.

Thanks for reading my introduction,

Hi, I’m CaptainSwoosh. To preface this, I’m hoping that I can look back on this first post on the devforum as a reference to see how far I’ve come. I’m a big advocate for written goals, so I’ll be writing down some Roblox-related ones in foreseeable aspiration.

I initially found Roblox in ‘09 and played as a guest until 2014. When I joined, I was addicted to town games. They had a certain vibe that just made the Roblox world feel like home. I want to bring that vibe back in my future projects.

As for my history, in 2016 I began working on drawing but quickly switched to work on freelance graphic design projects as it fit better for me. I did this for various groups. I also moderated several servers, groups, and games as well as having a short Roblox cafe stage in 2017, working for groups like Frappe and Fizze, but I don’t talk about that too much. Haha. I also later expanded to work on sound effects, music composition, small scripts, building architecture, 3D modeling with Blender, clothing design, French translation, and even idea curation. I became a jack of all trades and now I am trying to focus my pathway towards full stack game design.

Some of my past projects include:

  • Official Island Royale Logo/Icon
  • Them Magazines Cover
  • Superhero Tycoon Icon
  • Greek Elias YouTube Logo
  • Water Wars Icon and Logo
  • Tabla Rusa Studios’ ​Shadow Run French Translation

I originally applied to join the devforum in 2018 and was not successful. I am beyond thankful for the privilege to now contribute to this forum filled with accomplished developers.

Hi! I’m new here. This is my first public post. And I’ll be talking about myself:

  1. By watching YouTube videos. xD
  2. I wanted to be part the Developers community and create things for others to enjoy.
  3. Probably I’ll make logos.

Yeah, I know, not much info, but I’m just happy to have finally joined and be able to develop great things. ^-^