Introduction thread for new forum members

I found Roblox back in early 2018 when searching for games that allow you to explore (pretty much adventure).

I started with game development on roblox when I saw how good developers have it on roblox to impress my friends (it totally worked btw lol).

My current goal is to become better at scripting and building and to join a popular group as a dev.

I am mostly a programmer but also a builder, I can sort of model and make gfx’s.

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Hey everybody!

I’m EthanRichterian and I’m a builder and 3D modeler. I’m always looking for ways to improve my work and learn new things. Currently making a horror-style escape game with a couple of my friends. Thanks for reading!

Greetings! My name is Tevin (ImTevinOkay on ROBLOX). I just wanted to stop by and leave a quick introduction message for you all.

I’ve joined ROBLOX in 2011, the first game I’ve played being a Jaws game. I wasn’t quite familiar with the platforms but eventually, it became a really fun and exciting platform to be apart of. It has since become an honor to be apart of this community.

I’m currently not a developer, however, I’m known for my previous management positions for well-known developers. I always try to get involved in new communities and positions where I’m able to bring forward something new and exciting, which has prompted my growing list of experiences.

My current goals is to find something permanent related to management, considering I am not a developer (eg; scripter, builder etc…), in a community that has great values and a good reputation.

I’m a pretty outgoing person, so if you ever have any questions or would just like to read out, please feel free to at any time.

Welcome @CaptainSwoosh to the Roblox Developer Forum !! :smile:


Hello! Welcome to the Developer Forum @tuota168 !! :slightly_smiling_face:


Hello @R1borisoff @EthanLRichter @ImTevinOkay welcome to the Roblox Development forum! Hope you enjoy! Remember go and have a read of the Official Rules :smile:


Hello, I’m Arvensis, I’ve been playing ROBLOX since 2012 and is hugely interested in making games that people can enjoy!

I would say I am an intermediate Graphics Designer, UI artist, everything art related and I am looking forward to further improve my skills in different sections.

Currently, I am working on a high potential game that would mark my success on this platform.

Nice to meet you all! :smile:
Here is what I’ve done recently:


Hey there! I’m ChoosyCrowd408, but most people just call me Choosy. I’m glad to be invited to join the Developer Forum, so I’d thought I’d do an introduction.

I first found Roblox after my friends kept talking about, so I’d thought I should join. I made an account in 2017, and even though I haven’t been here for a long time compared to some other developers, I’ve still had some great experiences on this platform! I’ve always considered starting to build my own game, but I’ve never really fully gone through with it until recently. I’m trying to work on improving my programming and UI design skills, but I can still build and model a few simple things. I’m also somewhat decent at making digital music, but that’s not my primary focus on Roblox and I usually don’t make music just for this platform. I’m currently working on my own project, and since it’s my first big project and I’m working by myself, I’m learning quite a few things along the way! I hope I can be a great addition to this community and be as helpful as I possibly can. If you have any questions or concerns at all, feel free to message me!


Hello, I am Anthonychi. I found Roblox when I was introduced to it when I saw someone else playing this game and I wanted to see what it was like for myself.

I got started with development by creating some places and messing around with the tools available in the Roblox Studio, learning from free models in the toolbox and by searching for tutorials online.

Eventually, I want to make a game that many people will enjoy and keep playing with perhaps 100-200 players playing at all time.

I’m a mix of a builder and a programmer, but I prefer programming over building.

Hello, I am Dan. I found Roblox when I saw an advertisement back in December 2017, and I love it.

I get started from messing with Miners Haven, using Developer Forum, and API Documentation is really helping me out

Making a functional and enjoyable game by the end of July

I am a beginner in all of it, so I wanted to be all of the role to explore my potential, so far I am a mix of Builder, UI/UX Designer, and Programmer

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I found roblox about 6 years ago, when I was quite young. My first account was called “Awesomelittlegamer3”. I got started with development when I first met an owner of a game, J_143. He is really, who got me started in big development. My main aim is to get a game on the front page that all of the players can enjoy. My main role is programming. I started out as a builder, but then transitioned into a programmer. That’s pretty much it, leads us to today where I am now an advanced programmer and builder! Well, thanks for reading my reply, Bye!


Hi everyone.

I just want to say that I’m very happy to finally be a Member on the forum. I have read many posts already.

I found Roblox through my kids to be honest. I was amazed at the amount of games on the platform and after some investigation I found Roblox Studio. Even though I am fairly new to Roblox I am not new to game development and have worked on many other game engines. My current focus is just to learn as much as I can. Most of my experience is on the graphics side but I am working hard to improve on the scripting side…:slight_smile:

I hope to learn a lot from you guys but hopefully I can also share a bit of what I have learned up till now.



Hello there, I’m Crazy Captain and, I just got promoted to member and, I’d like to introduce myself.

  1. So I found about Roblox, when I heard about it as a great platform to play and develop games.
  2. So when I started to play roblox, I wanted to also create a game like other developers, because development on Roblox seemed interesting to me, so that’s why I started learning scripting in Roblox.
  3. So my goal is to create a game that players find enjoyable and, be a famous Roblox developer.
  4. I’m a UI Designer

That’s all, thanks for the time you spent on reading this!

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Hi I’m also new to this forum and I found Roblox through my cousin who’s pushing me to be a Game developer. I got started in 4th grade dabbled a little bit then forgot about Roblox when my computer got it wiped of a virus. I rejoined in 2018 and made an obby called Into The Air Crusier. I didn’t learn programming / scripting from 2018 - 2019. This summer I started fresh and learned from the basics, I know my basic syntax of Lua and I want to get better at programming, building, and maybe GFX. My role in this community is programmer. I can’t wait to know and help you guys if I can. I also need help for my new game coming soon called Cloud Kingdom another obby.

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Hello, I found Roblox when I was around 10(Currently 16)! But then I noticed Roblox studio and decided to mess around with it! I have been hooked ever since! But I never took it as seriously until recently so I came on to the DevForum to find tutorials or inspiration to a new game I would love to bring to the Roblox atmosphere! I have been a gamer all my life on console and now moving to PC it is a great experience! But one game I truly love is Call Of Duty, I hope to eventually bring a game like this to light as something new and something no one else is doing! Happy to be here!

Hello, I am grateful to finally be a member of this forum.

I found ROBLOX a while back from a sibling who played the game.

I only recently started with development on the ROBLOX platform, building things for the first time. At first it was a bit tricky, but very quickly I got the hang of things.

I am a builder.

How did you find roblox?

My second cousins introduced me to the platform.

How did you get started with development on the Roblox platform?

I don’t even remember. I started about two years ago but didn’t get into it, and I’m back to try again two years later!

Current goals/achievements on the platform

Eventually I want to have successful games/a following but currently I am developing a game just to grow my skills and to have something to put on a portfolio.

What is your role in the developer community?

I am trying to learn it all! Currently I am working on scripting, but by the end of my game I will have composed music for it, modeled enemies and decorations, built structures, and created a GUI.

I am still learning, but I am learning quickly. I will be for hire shortly, lol.

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Hello. I’m iiDev_Hunt3r. I was introduced to Roblox from a friend of mine back in 2016 during summer vacation. I began developing on the platform since I heard it was an easy tool for beginners to use. I also started developing in general due to my interest in coding and how video games are made to work. My role in the developer community is more or less a programmer, but I occasionally build as well.

I found Roblox, when looking platforms for game development. Have played it a while now. But started developing games couple of months ago. My goal is to develop some games as side projects and hope they are successful. I am doing building, 3d modelling and scripting.

I came to Roblox looking for a fun game to play and started building about a month ago. My current goal is to build up a reputation for my studio “punishertheawesome studios”. (Yes, I know the usernames don’t add up, it wouldn’t let me sign in from my other account.) I am a new, yet decent programmer, have an interest in graphic design and I am constantly getting better.