Is 8-9K triangles gun lag for phones and pc?

Hey there developers!

I have a commission with someone yesterday and he said he want the gun compatible with mobile and the gun has 8-9K triangles, is 8-9K triangle lag for phones and how much triangles should be for this high, mid poly gun?, also what thing in the gun should I change to textures to reduce the triangles

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Always search before making topics:

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As for mobile, I’m not precisely sure the exact range you should aim for since there are many different phones with differing capabilities, but the general idea is to keep it as low as you can. 8-9k is a bit high for a mesh for a rifle like that, but it’s alright if you’re aiming for maximum detail. Now, as for texturing, it’s dependent on how detailed your game will be. Assuming you’re going for mobile I would recommend removing the round bolt things (idk what they’re called) and replacing them in the texture. In 3d modeling, the rounder an object is the more triangles there will be. I would personally go around the mesh reducing the amount of vertices on smooth areas such as the stock and the bolt, maybe even the grip. I’m not looking at a wireframe so I can’t give much help but that’s what I would reccomend.