Is a login screen allowed to be published?

Is this allowed to be published into the game. I’m making a product game where people can use their BLOX Caster account to buy using Robux on their Roblox account.

Does this comply with the terms of service.

I would think so as long as it doesnt show signs of putting the user’s password in, store personal data, etc.

However, I would highly advise putting warnings in the login screen not to put in any personal info/roblox logins in bold text/etc to make sure they understand.

Or make a checkbox first in the front then the actual login screen so that they have to read it.

Also, for this, It kinda seems a little unnecessary to actually do this as I would just expect a normal “join game” and “purchase products” to require no pass in between.


I would suggest stating not to use their real roblox login in bold.


Oof… I wanted to do something similar but I came to the conclusion that it is stupid to even display a login screen because there’s no reason for them to have multiple accounts and there is no reason to lock an account behind a password when roblox itself requires an account.

It’d be like that a game such CS:GO required to you login when you’re already logged in through steam.


Instead of putting a password you could put maybe a whitelist to deter people from putting their password even more.
Hope this helps.

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Why would you make an “account” in a game in the first place? Why can’t they just use their Roblox account? It makes no sense. Plus watch people hack other people. Additionally, even a warning to not put their Roblox account info, will not stop someone from actually doing it.


Yes, if you don’t add password because that could be possibly classified as a scam, so try not putting password only username I think would work!

Instead of using a password, you can use numbers instead, and a special question, for example: Do you like animals?: Yes/No

I would personally suggest not uploading it as it might and probably will get moderated. As said before i would add a disclaimer and possibly change up the way a user logs in with a more fun interactive puzzle they can create as their password.


This would look a lot like a scam if I encountered this in a game, and I’m sure many others would say the same. Why do you need an extra account on some external site to purchase items? This sounds malicious, no matter what your goal is. There is no reason to require anything like this. This would almost definitely get moderated, and if not immediately, very quickly after the first report.

Roblox accounts hold their own robux. You DO NOT need to log in with an external account to purchase things. Imposing this requirement on your players is a BAD IDEA. Even if you’re not trying to hijack accounts, I’m sure the mods will definitely want to stay on the safe side.


I strongly advice you to not put in a password field in the GUI.

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This GUI should not exist. Allow users to buy products with their Roblox account like every other game out there.

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Personally I’d say no and I think the TOS would agree. Not only because they might use the same login to their Roblox or other sites but because COPA. If you do you’re collecting info from minors which is heavily illegal so this is my warning stay away.

Edit: So here’s my in depth look at why this wouldn’t nor should be allowed.

  1. There will be a script that holds the players info which could be leaked.
  2. Replicating this for scam games tricking the younger audience in thinking It’s the game when in fact It’s not
  3. Collect Private Information such as names, ages, and passwords aren’t allowed on Roblox

For more I’d just look through the TOS in depth and write out any issues you think that could arise and look for a solution. If there is none maybe it isn’t such a good idea. Hope this helped, from John.

This could very easily be confused for data mining or account hijacking or any other very bad things. That’s the idea I immediately got when I saw it. I doubt this would pass any checkup by the mods.

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Well, it is a pretty unique idea. The current issue is that the GUI looks too much on the sign in page of Roblox. Just a username and maybe a secret question is enough. Stay away from asking for passwords and stuff.

Nevermind, I didn’t notice what BLOX Caster actually is. I thought he wanted to make his own virtual system in-game to handle purchases.

It’s not exactly a unique idea. There’s a reason you don’t see this in games. It’s unnecessary and will probably get moderated. Use Roblox’s purchase system, which works without any kind of external account by the way.

I don’t think Roblox has a problem with using external servers to store or sync data (even though you should keep your places in the same universe and use datastores), but requiring a login is too much in my opinion.

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You could connect BLOX Caster accounts to Roblox players via external verification, such as by asking the player to put a set of words in their profile description. That assumes you have control over the BLOX Caster service.

Also, this login screen looks way too similar to Roblox’s login. Please change the color scheme, or players may mistake it for Roblox’s official login.


If you were to really do this, don’t have anyone type their login into a game. Maybe have them log in on the website, and enter some sort of unique code in the game. Anything to separate the logging in from the game.

Still, don’t do this. You don’t need “BLOX Caster” to make purchases with Robux.

I just checked out BLOX Caster’s website and it seems to be some kind of social network with their own chat filtering. Even if logins are allowed in games I don’t think this particular service would be.

I am not a legal expert, but I don’t think that BLOX Caster is allowed. It looks like a copy of Roblox and I don’t think that Roblox likes the existence of BLOX Caster.