Is blood allowed on Roblox?

I am working on a hospital game. So far it has iv bags and I was working on a Syringe with blood in it for roleplay. The decal for it got removed and same for the vaccine decal i made. Brookhaven has syringes with undefined substances. Am i just supposed to call it Ketchup Syringe or what? In the TOS it says syringes arent allowed but brookhaven has them so im confused. If anyone has any idea about this let me know. Not sure if I put this in the right area of the forum. Thanks for any help!


I believe it’s best not to take chances against the Terms of Use, it’s probably best to stay on the safe side, however I do believe blood is allowed however not in the most gruesome or disgusting looking way. It’s fine just as long as you do not make it too much of gore like even making blood look too realistic.


Roblox will turn a blind eye to brookhaven since it’s their biggest game. If YOU add syringes you will most likely get your game banned and, in the worst case, your account terminated. It’s best not to add them, find an alternative.

I researched in depth whether blood is allowed in roblox play, found this article on devforum Blood, Allowed when colored? - Help and Feedback / Game Design Support - DevForum | Roblox

From what I read of the comments, many said it was allowed but with a certain restriction, not being so detailed, not having torn limbs and blood gushing everywhere. But I’ve seen people saying they had their games banned for using blood. So be careful.

When in doubt, it’s better not to use a very exaggerated blood, something simpler, nothing complex.Or choose not to use blood.

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Yeah in my case its just a flat red color in a syringe. its not detailed at all.

  1. Yes, you can use blood, actually, there are quite some games that do use it (such as SAKTK), but don’t exceed the amount of blood (Not too detailed or in big amounts at once).
  2. Using blood also means you can’t make your game playable on xbox (even roblox warns you about it when you enable xbox as playable)
  3. Hmmm… maybe you could put another name without directly reffering it as blood, but I’m unsure if calling it ketchup works.

Thats the only thing I could say towards what I know.

Oh and here is the SAKTK example:


(Game link: 🌵 Survive and Kill the Killers in Area 51 !!! - Roblox)

The main reason why syringes aren’t allowed in games is because of how they’re used in games. Roblox is a kid-friendly platform and they don’t want games to convoy to/encourage children to stick medical needles in themselves or to overdose on drugs thinking they’ll gain superpowers. That’s why you’re prohibited as quoted ‘discussion, depicting, or promoting illegal or highly-regulated activities.’ Reason 2 Die had a problem using pills & painkillers in their game and had to change it where users eat vitamins and cookies instead.

As for your quesiton on blood, you can have blood in your game just as long as it’s not realistic depictions of blood (seems like realistic blood visuals is a big problem emphasised on the terms of service. From my experience the best way to entirely avoid the blood barriers is to avoid using realistic blood pictures/visuals and just go with the classical red blocks/spheres.)

There is however a twist that’s not known to many people and is the fact that if you make your game accessiable on xbox there is a new guideline of rules you have to follow. If does say no blood is allowed but I think that’s just talking about physical blood. So if you have a blood bag, as long as it can’t explode blood out and you can’t see blood inside you should be fine I think.


Thanks for the detailed breakdown! Im gonna try still using syringes and see if roblox accepts it considering its for medical purposes. Also keeping in mind brookhaven having it. I just hope roblox sees it as an opportunity for education and positive roleplay rather than ruling it out for the possible negative use.

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