Is it allowed to let Xbox players use preset chat messages?

I already know that Xbox players aren’t allowed to have text chat (e.g they write their own messages), but are they allowed to have preset messages (kind of like super safe chat back in the day)? Simple stuff like “Hi”, “Bye”, and “Let’s go!” is kind of what I mean.

Additionally, is it allowed for them to be able to see other players messages too? Can PC players talk to them normally, or would everyone be forced to talk to Xbox players with preset messages as well?

It’s entirely possible that the answer could just be no chat at all, but I was hoping I could at least have some form of communication between Xbox and other platforms… I just want to be on the safe side of things. Thanks for your time!


I agree - Xbox should let Roblox players at least use chat presets. I don’t think it should be required for PC/mobile users to use chat presets to communicate with Xbox users, but a few words that they say, e.g. “Hi”, “Yes”, “No”, “[Name of game]” etc should be visible to Xbox users.

By the way - a friendly reminder: This topic should go into #platform-feedback:xbox-features if you want to encourage your post.