Is it allowed to let Xbox players use preset chat messages?

I already know that Xbox players aren’t allowed to have text chat (e.g they write their own messages), but are they allowed to have preset messages (kind of like super safe chat back in the day)? Simple stuff like “Hi”, “Bye”, and “Let’s go!” is kind of what I mean.

Additionally, is it allowed for them to be able to see other players messages too? Can PC players talk to them normally, or would everyone be forced to talk to Xbox players with preset messages as well?

It’s entirely possible that the answer could just be no chat at all, but I was hoping I could at least have some form of communication between Xbox and other platforms… I just want to be on the safe side of things. Thanks for your time!


I agree - Xbox should let Roblox players at least use chat presets. I don’t think it should be required for PC/mobile users to use chat presets to communicate with Xbox users, but a few words that they say, e.g. “Hi”, “Yes”, “No”, “[Name of game]” etc should be visible to Xbox users.

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Members are literally unable to post there, just so you know.


this post was 3 years old but i don’t mind the bump because literally every single topic about this has never gotten a clear answer :skull: :skull: :skull:

i would really love if there was a definite answer to this. having absolutely no form of communication for console players genuinely just sucks overall. quick chat, while not ideal, would at least allow console players to socialize, make a strategy with their team, etc…

i do not know why roblox still gatekeeps console players like that when it seems like their whole shtick everywhere else is expanding the way players can communicate with other players. is it really that hard to just change the age rating or something :sob:


Honestly i suggest making the Xbox/Playstation players be simular to Guests (back when guests used to exist)

Especially back around 2008 to 2014, guests used to be able to use super safe chat, and they were able to see other peoples super safe chat messages. Sadly they werent able to see non super safe chat messages.

I recommend making a custom tag for console players reminds of non-console players that they can only see preset chat messages.

(Also yes i know this thread post is old but i might as well share this just incase.)

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update on this, it seems like the old guidelines no longer matter? i’m guessing this includes the old text chat not being allowed thing, especially since Roblox is now rated Teen on the Microsoft Store…
so i guess as of right now it’s a maybe leaning towards yes?


While im looking at it, theyre working on updating the popup when you allow console access to your Roblox games.
We might have to wait a bit longer to truly see if the text chat rule is finally gone.


Sadly, it looks like Roblox doesn’t want you making your own chat.

In the post about PlayStation release, most want chat, but others said Roblox shouldn’t bother as the UX of typing on console sucks. I personally think Roblox should add it, even if the UX might be bad.