Is It possible to make a SurfaceGui "Wrap/Follow" the geometry of a 3d Model?

I am currently trying to create a script basically UV wraps a character to add their Classic Shirts, Pants and T-Shirts. It dose this by essentially creating a bunch of SurfaceGui’s With ImageLabels inside with the UV being a cropped version of the Shirt Template Image. (using ImageRectOffset and ImageRectSize)

The script it self works almost perfectly however for some character models, it doesn’t look right…

Okay /w Blocky Characters

Selected Character is Generated

Bad /w Other Characters

Left = Control, Right = Generated

So, is there a way to make SurfaceGUIs wrap around the model? (Kinda like a Decal) Or do I just have to deal with the blocky look

Nevermind, the reason for doing this wont work anymore as SurfaceGUIs can’t be seen in ViewportFrames :cry:

If you have any other ways of doing this that also work in viewport frames, please replay with your solution… :melting_face:

I think an alternative would be to use EditableImages especially with the help of its Crop method. The cropped EditableImage can be parented under a Decal for example which should also work within ViewportFrames.
One problem though is that EditableImages aren’t released yet so they can only be used in Studio as a beta feature.

Other than that I’m unaware of any other methods. Although maybe Textures could be used by setting its offset and size so that it only shows a specific portion of the clothing image.

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I beleive EditableImages would work flawlessly, however I can foreshadow a problem with using them… You have to import them using AssetService:CreateEditableImageAsync()!

This could become a problem because when before I was using AssetService:CreateMeshPartAsync() it broke a lot of my code as it was in a RunService:RenderStepped() function, and the delayed loading caused it to lag my game and create a weird after image. However ill have to try it out first to see…

I have a new problem witch i think is a bug… Here is my bug report.