Is it possible to search library audio for duration <10 seconds to identify sound effects?



I could not find Audio. Nearest was Music.

I want to see if there are any free sound effects I can use in the game I am developing but apart from searching a generic name like digging sounds from which I can open each item and see if a duration was specified and if not or less than 10 seconds test it out to see if its what I am looking for I see no other path of action.

I was wondering if, as this is a web based service, some sort of data extract could be carried out but I don’t have sufficient knowledge at hand but would be willing to have a go if I am faced with a manual process being the only way available to me.
Anyone any hints for me?


It is not possible to search for audio of a particular length, but there are feature requests filed for it, as can be seen here:

You can support those threads.


Probably not the place to ask, but was there any “official” signs that the staff has taken these suggestions into consideration ?

As far as i can see, it has been a feature commonly asked since 2016, nowadays the Audio selection is still almost on it’s very first version (the only known changes was the offsales search being disabled due to content protection)

I’m quite in the obligation of asking right now the fact i am unable to really support these threads, giving a :heart: is far from enough to tell roblox that this is actually essential.


You can add a couple of lines / paragraph explaining your specific use case to one of the threads as well (make sure it’s not a bump post).