Is medical syringes allowed as a tool in Roblox?

I added a Stim Shot into a beta branch of my game and a player mentioned that it may not be allowed.

According to the Roblox Community Rules, it states that “syringes or other content representing drugs is not allowed” and I do believe medical syringes are a type of drug.

However, other players also mentioned that other games have medical syringes and it’s fine because it’s for healing and not the other purpose.

May I have some clarification? Thanks in advance.


Syringes aren’t allowed on Roblox–even if the intention is good, another user can use the asset to represent illegal drugs and whatnot. Other games may have syringes, but this doesn’t mean they’re allowed–it just means they’ve slipped through the cracks in moderation.


I mean, It’s difficult because you’re right in some form, but in others I am not too sure. There’s a game genre called SCPF where you can give people syringes and then it gives them some side-effects. These side-effects could be speed-boost, slowness, etc. Isn’t that the same concept?

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Moderation standards state that syringes aren’t allowed, no matter the context. You shouldn’t assume something is allowed because other games are doing it.


There are also many medical-based phobias having to do with shots and syringes, so you also don’t want to be scaring players away that way :confused:


Where in the TOS does it state that syringes are disallowed?

It’s quoted in the OP, and can be found in the Roblox Community Rules:

And I’ve already linked a couple of moderator replies confirming this.


Can a Youtuber “promote” the use of syringes in a game by inserting a model to “troll” the other players in? The syringes include side effects and diseases.

Key word, representing! :slight_smile:

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