Is Rthro tag required on the game logo if your game is in the Rthro sort?

I see that all games under the Rthro sort have “Rthro tag” in their game logo.
Do I have to include that if I have a game with Rthro technology (I don’t have one currently)?
Also, where could I get that original tag (icon)?
Is my game still going to appear in that case if it has enough players even if it doesn’t have that tag?

Thank you!


Hey! These seem like the only requirements:
I’m not sure where the original tag came from, though. However, a lot of ‘rthro tags’ show up if you search it on google such as this one:


AFAIK the tag is automatically added to your game independent of your logo (it’s attached to the game tile); or if you’re required to add it, then they walk you through that process.

Rthro tags are not required if your game is Rthro. That tag is primarily for the Rthro Featured Sort, which requires an application to enter. See the above linked thread.


I guess, I’ll still add the tag just in case.
But, if you get accepted, what about if you change your mind and want to set game back to normal avatars, will they “punish” you?

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No, you’ll just be taken off the sort and potentially be reprimanded for abusing the program. You are required to enforce Rthro scaling (or at least start players off in it) for the duration of your game being on the Rthro Featured Sort.

You can touch down with support if you want to pull your game, but at that point you probably shouldn’t have applied in the first place.


I wanted to say, if you change your mind after a month or 2 months (something like that), if that’s okay. But I can still put the icon if my game is set to Rthro, right?

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So long as your game isn’t in the program, sure. For as long as it remains in the program, you are required to adopt Rthro scaling.

I’d stay away from using the icon since its slightly misleading and misuse of the label. The label is intended for games that are on the Rthro Featured Sort.


Okay, I’ll remove the tag for now.

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If I want to remove Rthro, can I contact Roblox to let them know?

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Hi @Wizertex

You are only required to have the Rthro tag on your game if you are on the Rthro sort. If your game isn’t on the Rthro sort then you don’t need to worry about it.

If you wish to apply for the Rthro sort you can do so via the survey linked in this thread: Featuring early adopters of Roblox technology

We will provide you with the tag during the onboarding process, where we collect some info about the game (such as which devices the game supports) and to make sure you have the correct settings.


Really sorry for bumping this thread, but my game is finished and I have a few questions, so instead of opening a new thread, I’ll just list them here …

  • If I apply, will I get contacted if I get denied or accepted?
  • Do I need to have a constant amount of players? (Is it fine, if you apply with 0 players? When we were advertising, we had some amount of players, but we currently can’t advertise everyday)
  • What if you later change your mind not to use Rthro (like a few months(/years) later, who do you contact?)
  • If I get denied, do I get to know, why?

Thank you!

You’ll be contacted if you are accepted, unfortunately, we don’t have the bandwidth to reply to games that have been declined. My team also reviews other sorts such as the Play Together and Learn & Explore and receive over 150 submissions for each sort every 2 weeks, they also have other tasks they need to do throughout the weeks too.

Your game will need to have at least 100 concurrent players

Contact the @Featuring_Program to have your game removed. We also do often checks to make sure the games still have Rthro enabled as well as the tag.

Unfortunately, no. For the same reason as the 1st question. We don’t have the right tools/system to be able to do this currently.


Thank you for your answers!

At the time of reviewing (basically always) or just at the peak at some point (so we hit it at least once for example)?

Ideally at the time of review/always


Hello! Regarding the Rthro game sort & Play Together sort, are we able to apply a week before our game is publicly released so it has the opportunity to be there for release.

We suggest for you to release the game before applying to any sort


Hello! Sorry to bother everyone, but I applied and I was wondering does the game have to have like 100 players all time? We have 230k visits and growing, but we only peak at like 14 on weekdays (In the game at one time), and then around 30 on the weekends.


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Hi @A_Trendy,

That is correct.

Using ads or sponsoring the game might help boost up your players.
Or even having some influencers make videos on your game could help.


I’m actually so glad I found this reply, as I was wondering for some time now as to why my game was taken off of the sort awhile back after it’s three week duration period.

It really baffled me since I never got a warning prior of any sort from a Developer Relations member, which had me really confused for the time being since none of the people on our team messed with the Avatar scaling proportions or the Voxel lighting which led me to ponder about this for a while.

Now that you’ve mentioned this new requirement, it makes perfect sense now, thanks for letting us know!