Is the new lighting live?

I really wasn’t sure where to put this thread, so please forgive me if it’s in the wrong section. But basically, I noticed the FiB beta feature was gone, however, when I played my game I noticed the lighting was much different versus testing it in Studio; which leads me to think it isn’t live yet.

Any thoughts??


Are you enrolled in the Roblox Beta Program?

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I’m not sure, I don’t think so.

I mean, the lighting changes are seen in Studio testing, but when I play it server-sided the lighting appears to be old/different.

I’m in the Beta Program and I don’t see it on the “Beta Features” section apparently, maybe it’s coming next week or in a couple of days?

The lighting is still inside studio so it could be out at the moment but still testing some stuff as well.

I would maybe ask in the original thread or wait for some sort of announcement to arrive with this, I’m excited to see the FIB: Phase 3 come out.

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I’m in the beta program and I see an option in lighting for “Future” I think that is it. I know someone here on dev forum made an extension for studio that enables the graphics I haven’t tried it though.

I can’t wait for the release they hopefully will be coming out soon. :grinning:

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The future lighting isn’t live at the moment, if your lighting isn’t working when in-game it’s only studio at the moment.

There’s been different notes coming out on the thread including updates and such so it’ll probably be coming sooner then ever you should keep an eye on the announcement thread, and see when Roblox fully releases the new technology lighting source to the public so it’ll be seen in game and not just studio itself: Future Is Bright: Phase 3 Studio Beta.

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