Is there a SMALL Circular Progress Bar that appears decently?

I’ve tried some Circular Progress Bar options, but none appear decently when small.

This produces strips:

This is very thin:

The ONLY Circular Progress Bar that appears decently when small is the ProximityPrompt.
But this one doesn’t have a script available.

Is there a SMALL Circular Progress Bar that appears decently?

Proximity Prompts use this method, I believe:

And it’s one of those cases I mentioned. It works very well when is a large frame, but when small, it does not.

I was saying when you said that Proximity Prompts look good that they were more than likely using that system.

I’d suggest trying this, although I haven’t used it myself.


circularFill.rbxl (26.9 KB)
I have this example place that should do a circular fill on images with any asset id you want. I tested with most of sizes and textures. You can change the numbers provided in the script or change the assets as described in comments.

It uses clipDescendants as well as 2 gradients with a little offset. You could use similar method but make 2 clipping frame horizontal instead if you want it to start horizontally.


I finally managed to achieve a good visual result with a small item.
Thank you.

Just one fix: in your example file, you put 0.01 and -0.01 in the UIRadient.Offset.X of the left and right frames. This was causing a time distortion, a brief delay when the bar got close to 50%.
Leaving both offset at 0 fixes the problem.


Now I understand why I made these offsets. Because of this visual glitch:

So now, I have to make 2 things in the script:

  1. One the angle is 0, I have to insert both offsets above.
  2. When animating, I have to remove those offsets.